Bless Unleashed Coming To PC In 2021

UPDATED 6/30/2020:After taking this news to the official Bless Unleashed Reddit, Community Manager Stormshade responded to the article with the following information: In addition to this, according to the BusinessKorea website, Bless Unleash would be releasing to PS4 this Fall, Q3 2020. According to the website: “Neowiz continues to expand on its Bless IP with […]

Tencent Debuts Upcoming Open-World Shooter, ‘Codename: SYN’

Earlier today, the developer giant, Tencent, showcased their upcoming title SYN, in their annual Tencent Game Press Conference.  “Codename: SYN” was independently developed by Tencent Photonics Studio Group. It is a technical demo of an open-world shooting game for the PC and console platforms of the global game market. As a technical demo, “Code: SYN” […]

Genshin Impact’s Final Beta Coming July 2nd

It has just been announced that the third, and final, beta for Genshin Impact, the brand new open-world project from miHoYo – the team behind the popular mobile title, Honkai Impact 3rd – is coming July 2nd at 19:00 (GMT+8). Players that signed up for a beta key, or won keys through other means like […]

100 Player Medieval Battle Royale, ‘RAN: Lost Islands’, Coming to PS4

Just when you thought you’d see the end of the PlayStation China Hero Project, which I previously talked about Convallaria, another title that came to be born from that project itself. RAN: Lost Islands has begun their Beta for Steam, which is how I came to see about this title. Originally announced back in 2019, […]

Demon’s Wheel Mechanic Guide

A detailed guide for players who want to know the dungeon… detailly… and something more at the end for those brave players that crave to know it all… ~nipah☆    Bandersnatch’s Mechanic Guide:    Count Mechanic:  A message will appear on the screen, saying “Open your eyes and count!”  Random players will get circle AoEs […]

Crossplay VR MMORPG, ‘Zenith’, Shows Pre-Alpha Combat

This is a relatively new title that I’ve not spoken about before just yet, but Zenith is an MMORPG that was on Kickstarter (and actually fully funded in less than 4 hours!), with inspirations drawing from anime like Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and so on. The game first showed up on my radar last […]

A New Hope In Starfighter Battles With STAR WARS™: Squadrons

Earlier today, EA released their first trailer for the upcoming starfighter combat title, Star Wars: Squadrons. The game is set to have a 5v5 squadron mode online, with a ” thrilling Star Wars™ single-player story.” The game states on its trailer’s description: “In a fateful campaign set near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, learn what […]

Upcoming Souls-like Title ‘Mortal Shell’ Reveals Gameplay and Beta in July 3

Mortal Shell is a title that is something I’m really excited for. I’ve spoken about briefly here, and reported on it – which caught the attention of thousands of readers. Today in IGN’s Summer of Gaming livestream, it was announced that the upcoming souls-esque title would be sharing its first Beta on July 3rd – […]

Massive Multiplayer Siege ‘Chivalry 2’ Coming to Consoles

Straight from the IGN Summer of Gaming stream, the trailer for Tripwire’s upcoming 64 player, massive multiplayer siege-like game, Chivalry 2, showed off brand new information. The title will be coming to consoles, a first ever for the Chivalry games, as well as crossplay being supported.      The game states in its official FAQ: […]

Black Desert Console Sails The Seas With New Margoria Update

Pearl Abyss has gone ahead and released one of the biggest updates for Black Desert, Margoria, bringing in the Great Ocean of the game – along with Epheria Sailboats, Frigates and Galleons. Players can take to the seas to fight one another, or the dreaded Margoria Phantom Ship.    As noted in their patch notes: […]