Tencent Debuts Upcoming Open-World Shooter, ‘Codename: SYN’

Earlier today, the developer giant, Tencent, showcased their upcoming title SYN, in their annual Tencent Game Press Conference. 

“Codename: SYN” was independently developed by Tencent Photonics Studio Group. It is a technical demo of an open-world shooting game for the PC and console platforms of the global game market. As a technical demo, “Code: SYN” carries the photon’s aesthetic thinking and technical precipitation in exploring the field of console masterpieces, and also conveys the direction and level of photon’s future research and development of console games.”, the team writes on their announcement.


In their video, which you can see below along with checking the original link if you wish to watch there, they state the following:

Welcome to Tencent Games’ Lightspeed and Quantum Studios’ SYN, a tech demo for a globally marketed PC and console open-world first-person shooter game. Everything you see in this demo is not final. We tried to push forward state-of-the-art, real-time graphics in a cyberpunk-style world with an intriguing universe and striking visuals.

Our characters are realistic, yet stylish, with various customization features including cosmetics, skins, and extremely realistic effects achieved with our strand-based hair system through cooperation with Epic Games.

Players can choose to play as one of the three factions along with their very own cybernetic pet, each with their own unique customizable looks and traits.

Our immersive character and vehicle selection and customization process takes place within our open-world universe, so characters can interact with their environment even while being modified in real-time by users.


If you want to check out the original post, you can go here and watch the original video here.