Throne and Liberty Begins The Final Test

Throne and Liberty is an MMORPG that has raised many eyebrows, since its 2022 announcement. It’s an open-world MMO that is set to release in Early 2023, and launching on both PC and Consoles – something that is already rare enough as is. Earlier today, NCSoft announced that it would be accepting applications from players for a chance at a final internal test, which would allow for testing of features such as Quests, Raids, Regional Events, and more. The event is set to take around 5 hours, as reported on the official NC website, and will offer the testers a gift in the form of an RTX 3060 graphics card.

To be clear, however, players that are interested will need to meet certain requirements before being able to partake in the event. First and foremost, starting January 26th until February 12th, players can apply via the official testing website with their NCSoft account. During this application period, it is not guaranteed that all players will be selected. On February 14th, all applicants that have been selected will be contacted privately and be able to take part in the upcoming test. However, it is not as simple as downloading the client; something we’ve been rather used to here in the West. Instead, during the testing days (February 21 – February 22), players will be able to go to the NCSOFT Research and Development Center, in South Korea, to be able to play the upcoming MMORPG.

There are, of course, caveats that those who are interested may want to be wary of.

How to Participate?

Players can apply via the Official Website with their own PLAYNC account. Only players that are born before January 26, 2003 will have a chance to participate.

It should be noted that given that this information is only on the Korean side of the Throne and Liberty website, that players from North America, Europe and other regions will likely not be able to participate.

The Basic Rules

The PLAYNC Account and personal information must match, and will be verified if the player is selected.

Only those that are selected will be able to participate in the Final Test.

Players will have unique SMS invitations. If the SMS message is lost or deleted, the player will not be allowed inside.

During the Final Test, players cannot utilize phones outside of the designated space within the building.

Players can only be inside of the designated location, which they will be informed about by NC Staff ahead of time, and cannot move outside of these parameters. Doing so will be grounds for removal of the Testing Phase and possibly account restrictions, such as a ban.

Players that have been selected must be at the building prior to the starting of the event. Those who are late will not be allowed inside.

The Final Test may be canceled or changed depending on the circumstances, and those that are affected will be informed ahead of time.

During the entirety of the event, all players must wear a mask in accordance with the quarantine rules. If a player has a fever (37.5℃ or higher), they will be sent home. Any player with COVID-19 will not be able to participate. Those that do not follow the guidelines, such as wearing a mask, will be asked to go home.
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So, it looks like the highly anticipated MMORPG is finally making headway, and perhaps, soon after, players will be informed on the official Publisher for the Western audience. For now, suspicions lie with NCSoft West publishing. Still, if all goes well, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC players should be seeing a brand-new MMO in their game library relatively soon.