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Wrote and published the first iteration of A Gothic Romance, paving the way to other works in the literary realm. From short stories likes The 13th Room, Citadel of Secrets and more.


Received the America's Best Poet Award of 2007-2008


The second iteration of A Gothic Romance was released, and self-published on This followed the first Demo EP for My Gothic Memories


Received the award, the Great Poets Across America 2012, and received physical publishing of his poetry.


Received the award, the International Who's Who in Poetry Award of 2012-2013, and received physical publishing of his poetry.


Released a collection of poetry through self-publishing via, with the title When Wurd and Flesh Become One - Part I.


After nearly 10 years, began writing the upcoming Thriller / Mystery novel, The Phonecall.


Since a young age, David Angel has been writing novels, short stories and poetry that has been featured in different publications. At the age of 15, his first short story, A Gothic Romance, became published and stoked the interest of young readers everywhere. In 2007, David received his first prestigious award, the America’s Best Poet Award of 2007-2008. This was the follow-up to the short story, A Gothic Romance. As the years went on, the short stories that David would produce would end up on online media sites to share with everyone such as Facebook,, and other writing platforms. In 2012, David received both the Great Poets Across America Award and the International Who’s Who Award of 2012-2013, having his poetry featured in physical publication. In 2013, David released his works of poetry in both Digital and Physical form under self-publication through, with the title, When Wurd and Flesh Become One – Part I.

Since then, his writing has been featured in various musical artists lyrics, as well as his own Nu-Metal music endeavor called, The Broken Poet Society, which after one single was signed under Prophecy Records. David has begun writing his next novel in late 2022, which is set to be a Thriller/Mystery story.

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