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How to Use Captain’s Assistant in Swords of Legends Online

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How to Use Captain’s Assistant in Swords of Legends Online

How to Use the Captain’s Assistant

By now its no secret that I’ve been playing Swords of Legends Online quite a bit, especially with my little guild in-game called ‘We the Peepo’, but one of the constant questions I get – even with videos released on my part on how to do it, is a text version of how to use Captain’s Assistant, which one could equate to that of DBM (Deadly Boss Mod) from World of Warcraft.

To start things off, Captain’s Assistant needs to be activated. To do this, you can head on over under your mini-map, and look for the icon in between the sword and the picture. It should look like a monster or demon, this is your Captain’s Assistant window.

You should see the Captain’s Assistant System UI pop up, but that isn’t enough just yet. You need to click on the Gear icon located on the “Captain’s Assistant: Boss Ev…” title, in order to activate it. This will allow for event tracking and give permission to the system to see the timeline for bosses, monsters, players, etc. 


Now that you’ve activated the Event Monitoring History, you’ll be able to pick and choose which event you want to add for shout outs if this is what you want for your team, or simply for yourself. You can try it out on a “Drill” or “Practice” dungeon such as Frostbitten Path, and see how the boss appears. The timeline will not be in real-time if you keep it up, but you can see the skills he does in real-time in the event section. From there you can right click on a skill that the Boss has done, right click on it, and simply create an Event for this skill. 

From here, it’s pretty forward. If you click on the Event Manager button, you should now have created a “Practice – Frostbitten Path” Category, assuming you’ve followed this guide exactly as it is. If not, either way, it should have created a brand new Category for that dungeon, along with the Boss and the Skill that you’ve decided to monitor. You can now add text if you want it on your screen, along with the sound that you want it to make, if you want any sound at all – however, you can’t really hear them until you click on the Event Value Configuration. Right now there are up to 14 sounds, so to listen to each of them you’ll need to do {sound 1}, or {sound 2} and so on and so forth. The same for Emojis, but those are easier as you can see them in the Chat Box in general, as when you select an emoji, it’ll automatically transform to the code it is. A personal favorite of mine is #52, which means the emoji code would be {emoji 52}. You can click on the “?” icon in the text chat for the configuration to learn more about what you can do with this. 

How to Import Events

That should be as basic as it can get, and still to the point. I’ve included my own Captain’s Assistant, which you can have for yourself, below. Just simply Download the Zip file, unzip it wherever you want, and place these in your CombatEventMonitor folder that’s located in Gameforge -> Swords of Legends Online -> Interface -> Addons. When in-game, simply Right-Click on the Event Manager and click on “Import Event from File”. I’ve also included the upcoming Jade Palace Normal Mode in this.  

Download the Captain’s Assistant Files

Sarumonin’s Captain’s Assistant


v22 | 09.21.2021
• Updated Assistant to include Chou Prison Hard Mode, which apparently was removed and I didn’t notice. The full list of dungeons are now available again. Thanks to Keluna Gaming on Twitter for pointing it out and letting me know.

v21 | 09.20.2021
• Updated Assistant to fix some text errors in some of the event monitors such as Ruins of Nuowu Normal and Easy Mode.

v20 | 09.19.2021
• Updated Assistant to include Chou Prison Extreme, Frostbitten Path Extreme and Raging River Ruins Extreme Modes mechanics. Please note that in Frostbitten Path last boss (not secret boss) you’ll need to have him jump on the Mushrooms to mitigate the Generate Fire Waves mechanic. Additionally, the Zhaoli Phantom’s Treasure Rain monitor seems to not work perfectly. Will update this later this week to include a warning in the monitors.

v19 | 09.16.2021
• Adjusted Dahan’s Wild Earth Break Strike monitor, along with Demon Rapture in Jade Palace Hard Mode.

v18 | 09.16.2021
• Updated Assistant to include Jade Palace Hard Mode, including new mechanics from Dahan.

v17 | 09.13.2021

• Updated Assistant to include Raging Rivers Normal Mode and Ruins of Nuowu Easy Mode – suggested by Goeddi in comments.

v16 | 09.10.2021

• Updated Assistant text errors in Chou Prison and other dungeons.

v15 | 09.05.2021

• Updated Assistant to include Yemo City Extreme Mode and Temple of Mercy Extreme Mode


Size: 24 KB
Version: 22

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