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Voice Rates

Non-Broadcast Rates

For non-broadcast voice over work (including categories of work like animation, business, educational, videogames, etc.), the fees are measured by total minutes of voice - as opposed to industry standard of words per minute (As an approximation, depending on the read, there are about 150 words in 1 finished minute.)

Finished Minutes Fee Range ($USD)
0 - 10 minutes $25 - $50
10 - 15 minutes $50 - $75
15 - 30 minutes $75 - $125
30 - 40 minutes $125 - $175
45 - 60 minutes $175 - $200
Over 60 minutes Custom Quote ($200 - $500)

Story and Promise

Starting in late 2017, Sarumonin (David Angel) started venturing in the world of Voice Acting, lending his voice to both Indie and AAA game titles. Whether your game is a AAA or Indie, no matter the size, he will give your project the voice it deserves. Working on narration, and being a recognized voice through his online videos - The one promise that is held is that no matter the budget, if the project has the passion from its Developers, and the need for a voice, David will work with your studio. Some of the titles that he has worked on are: Bless Online (MMORPG), Dawn of Whiteland (Open World RPG), Lovecraft's Untold Stories, The Goatman (Horror Survival Hunting Game) and more! 

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