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Yokua’s Awakened Sorcerer Guide

Introduction Hello, my in game name is Yokua, I am an PVE Sorcerer main on NA Darkan server PS4. This post Apex guide was created since Consoles awakening patch diverted from PC’s. It is no longer recommended to follow any ...
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Sarumonin’s Awakened Priest Guide

TERA Console's Awakening update has released, and with it a completely different experience than that of PC's Awakening System. We'll go over the Priest, and the most optimal way to play the class in Apex. ...
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TERA Console: Mystel Circlet Enchanting

This is a quick rundown of the brand new Mystel Circlet and it’s costs so far. I keep seeing players ask this, and I’ve already posted this on my Discord, which you can join HERE. The Rundown Mystel III + ...
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Demon’s Wheel Mechanic Guide

A detailed guide for players who want to know the dungeon… detailly… and something more at the end for those brave players that crave to know it all… ~nipah☆    Bandersnatch’s Mechanic Guide:    Count Mechanic:  A message will appear ...
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TERA Console: Rally Schedule, Locations and Information

Hey there, fellow players! I’ve seen quite a few questions in regards to where to find a BAM Rally Schedule, Locations, Information, etc. It’s quite a valuable “secret” among the few, but thought it be fair for everyone to experience ...
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[TERA] Shara and Arun Boss Achievement Guide

Hey guys, it’s Saru – wait, this isn’t a video. Um, well back in the day (2014) there was a forum thread that had all the locations and spawn hours of the World Bosses in TERA, and sadly those forums ...
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TERA PS4/XB1 – Fishing Gear Upgrade

Need help in preparing for upgrading and enhancing your Fishing Gear on TERA Console? This guide is the only guide online that will provide you exactly how much everything will cost you, along with success chance percentages included! This will ...
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TERA Console – Guardian to Heroic Oath

In need of assistance with the costs, materials and requirements needed to upgrade your gear on TERA Console? This guide is the only guide in the world that will give you accurate numbers, personally crafted and delivered for the community. ...
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