TERA Console: Mystel Circlet Enchanting

This is a quick rundown of the brand new Mystel Circlet and it’s costs so far. I keep seeing players ask this, and I’ve already posted this on my Discord, which you can join HERE.

The Rundown

Mystel III + Ethereal Circlet fuses into Improved Transcendent Circlet. 10% base chance, 1 percent increase per fail.

Ethereal Circlet + Mystel Circlet V fuses into Improved Mystel Circlet.

You can get more Mystel Circlets for 3 Vanguard Points from the Vanguard Shop. You can get Mark of Fate, up to 5, as low as 1, during the hourly Velika Defense Superior Guardian Legion Mission.

Mystel IMystel IIMystel IIIMystel IVMystel VTotal Costs
Mark of Fate0153060120225
Base Success Chance100%100%100%100%100%

Each item is linked to TERALore.com’s Console Version, which has the most up-to-date Data, directly from the Developer, KRAFTON Bluehole Studio – they are linked to help players figure out where to get those specific items, and what stats they have.

Improved Transcendent CircletImproved Mystel Circlet

Mystel III Circlet + Ethereal CircletMystel V Circlet + Ethereal Circlet
Power is the main source of attraction for this Circlet. If your class doesn’t depend on Awakening Skills for DPS, this is recommended.Awakening Power is the main source of attraction for this Circlet. If your class depends on Awakening Skills for DPS, this is recommended.
Per AttemptImproved Transcendent CircletPer AttemptImproved Mystel Circlet
Mark of Fate0Mark of Fate180
Scavenged Supplies12Scavenged Supplies0
Devil’s Claws8Devil’s Claws0
Dragon Skulls11Dragon Skulls0
Silver Plates170Silver Plates0
Mystel III Circlet1Mystel III Circlet0
Ethereal Circlet1 (is not consumed, unless player succeeds.)Ethereal Circlet1
Mystel V0Mystel V1
Base Success Chance10%Base Success Chance100%
Fail % Increase1%Fail % Increase0%

Upon failure, the upgrade will consume the materials and gold required to enhance it – including the circlet(s).