World of Jade Dynasty Being Developed In Unreal Engine 5

World of Jade Dynasty is an upcoming MMORPG that has been highly anticipated, if not for being a direct sequel to the original Jade Dynasty MMORPG, then because it was being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Since it was last covered, not much has been shared with the Western audience. Today however, Perfect World Entertainment, or if you’re in North America and Europe, Gearbox Publishing, has shared some special news about the brand-new MMORPG. It seems that World of Jade Dynasty will be developed in Unreal Engine 5, and has already transitioned its previous Unreal Engine 4 work into the new game engine.

According to the developer, who recently had an Investors Relation meeting, which has been released to the public today, an investor for the game asked the Perfect World representative on whether the game would be moving to Unreal Engine 5, or sticking with Unreal Engine 4. Immediately, the representative responded with:

“Hello, as I become more familiar with the use of Unreal Engine, the company’s technical capabilities are beginning to show. The development engine of the company’s terminal game product “World of Jade Dynasty” has been upgraded from UE4 to UE5, which is expected to bring players a better game experience in many aspects such as graphics expression and game performance. For specific information about the company’s game products, please keep an eye on the company’s official news, thank you.”

The representative did continue the conversation by sharing the Q3 report, showing that the Perfect World (the company) has done quite well in the last few years, and expects success in the coming year. Still, at least we have some news about the game, and testing has been extensive in China, in order to make sure that the game is well-received. As for a release date, there is no set date just yet.

World of Jade Dynasty is set to release on PC. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions have not been confirmed as of yet, but due to the upcoming Perfect World being cross-platform, the possibility is always there. A special thanks to community member, Toraseishin, for the heads-up. We have a dedicated channel to World of Jade Dynasty on the Saru’s House Discord, for those interested in all the latest news and updates for the game.

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