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Sarumonin’s Captain’s Assistant
Sarumonin’s Captain’s Assistant

Available Monitors in this Captain’s Assistant

Game VersionInstanceGuideEasy/PracticeNormalHardExtreme
1.0Chou Prison
1.0Frostbitten Path
1.0Nightmare Temple of Mercy
1.0Raging River Ruins
1.0Yemo City in Wuzhao
1.0Xuanjiu Jade Palace
1.0Waves in a Tempest
1.0Ice World
1.0Horror of Huaixiu
1.0Ruins of Nuowu
1.1Sparkwood Gardens
1.1Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace
2.0Firestone Grave of Dreams
2.0Rotting Grotto
2.0Heavenly Gate Labyrinth
2.0Langquan Bridge
2.0Jubao Residence
2.0Wuyu Hummock Forest
2.0Taihua Instance
2.1Three-Legged Sea
2.1Wild Demon Isle
2.1War Domain: Demon Battlefield
2.1War Domain: Realm of Hallucinations
2.1War Domain: Realm of Destroyed Evil
2.1Flight from the Heart Demon I
2.1Flight from the Heart Demon II
2.1Blackwater Forest
2.2Clash Over Divine Waters
3.0Redwater Crypt
3.0Desert Ship
3.0Bloodthirsty Vineyard
3.0Wuye Village
3.0Burial Chamber Amulet
3.0Bloodthirsty Beast
3.0Giant Sandworm
3.0Puppet Priest
3.0Eye of the Flame – Part 1
3.0Eye of the Flame – Part 2
3.0Ruined City of Jichang
3.0Lower Yingming Spring
3.0Upper Yingming Spring


v63.01 | 12.25.2022
• Updated Assistant files to include Eye of the Flame – Part 1 and 2 Easy Mode and Hard Mode. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ????

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Version: 63.01

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