How to Get Daily Buffs in Swords of Legends Online

With Swords of Legends Online, one of the biggest mysteries that has come to my attention, mostly because I’m constantly asked about it, is what “Lucky Bell” is. When I tell people about the fact that every day we log in, we get a brand new buff, their minds expand in the super 5head that they were unaware was possible. So, we’re going to get into how this works, and help players out when it comes to this neat feature in Swords of Legends.

Before we begin, here is a list of buffs you can get, which I’ve collected through the help of my guild members at ‘We the Peepo‘:

God of CookingRate of increase for the number of cooking products +10%
LakemasterIncreases the chance of receiving advanced items from Gold of the Four Seas
Fisher SongReduced Gold of the Four Seas casting time by 2%
Best FriendProportional increase to acquisitions of sworn friends level and points by 100%
Get Medical AdviceHealing Effect +5%
Extensive and ProfoundYour good relations with the Natural History Academy double your purchase limit for treasure maps
InsightGreater chance of increasing the level of a piece of equippment when identifying it
Change FortuneThose seeking fortune can pray for it. (Players with this buff can freely get their buff rerolled by meeting a “Great Fortune” buffed player, and having them use the Prayer emote on the Change Fortune player. You will receive the achievement “Bring Fortune” for having the Great Fortune player pray for you)
Bring TreasureFortune +5%
Great FortuneFortune +2% – You can pray to “Change Fortune” buff players, giving them a re-rolled buff. If you pray to 10 players with the Change Fortune buff, you will receive the “Beautiful Inside and Out” achievement. For receiving this Buff, you’ll also receive the “Under a Good Star” achievement.

Please note, that each of these buffs are character bound for 1 Day (24 hours), and you could get different buffs on different characters. This means, you can use different characters for different activities to take full advantage of the buffs.

First and foremost, you’ll notice that when you login to the game, you’ll immediately be greeted with the Dragonstar Calendar, to accept your Daily Login rewards, and as well remind you to collect your Daily Crystal Dust bonus from the store. The moment you do this, you will immediately receive a random login buff for 24 hours that could be anything from “Fortune +6% for 24 hours” to “Receive 10 More Treasure Maps for 24 hours”, to really anything. These are pretty exciting to use, especially if you know how to navigate the world of Swords of Legends Online. This is where your Lucky Bell will come into play.


Lucky Bell is an item that can actually reset your Login Buff, and essentially “re-roll” the buff to something else entirely. So if you didn’t like one buff for the day, and you felt like doing something else, this could be a wise choice. By logging in every day, you’ll also receive Attendance tokens, which you can redeem at Cloudrise (click on the image above, where the arrow is located!), and purchase additional ones. In Swords of Legends, you can receive the Lucky Bell items through leveling up some times, events, or through this shop. 

Hopefully this helps with your Login Buffs, my recommendation if you get some buffs for Treasure Maps like having double of the Maps, or even receiving rarer items through them – cancel your plans for the day and take advantage so you can farm some cool collectives, and possibly make some nice gold in the game. 

You can watch a video version of this guide right here: