Lost Ark Launch Delayed Until Early 2022

Earlier today, the Amazon Games and Smilegate teams over at Lost Ark announced on Twitter and the official Lost Ark Website, that the highly anticipated MMORPG would end up being delayed due to needing more time for polishing the game. Additionally, it seems that the game will offer a Closed Beta Test later this year, taking place between November 4th and November 9th. 

Though disappointing, as this is a long line of series of delays when it comes particularly to Lost Ark on the Western side of the gaming world, it’s certainly nice to see the companies behind the game recognizing that more time is required before they deliver the game to the hands of the players that have been itching to play it. With October around the corner to present the official forums and Discord, hopefully we’ll see an active communication between the publisher and community, instead of just Twitter and other social platforms. I guess we’ll be seeing the world of Lost Ark next year, and hopefully if luck has it, I’ll be streaming the game over on YouTube later this year for its Closed Beta (assuming there’s no NDA in place).