Elyon Changes Its Business Model to Free to Play

Earlier today, Kakao Games announced on the official Elyon website that the upcoming MMORPG, from the creators of TERA, would be changing its business model to Free to Play. With this includes additional delays, which will used to “adjust that model and some backend systems”, having the release of the game to October 20th. 


For those that have pre-ordered, there seems to be adjustments to the packages for the upcoming MMORPG’s Founder Packs, adding addition Rubies (the cash shop currency), and the base of the game for Founder Packs will be offering a 72 hour headstart – as it states on its website. With Elyon delayed, there’s been a lot of talk about whether the game will be hitting the world of Pay to Win – as most Free to Play titles end up doing one way or another – and though promises from Kakao say otherwise, well it certainly wouldn’t be a first time that they changed their minds in that respect.

If interested in my thoughts on the game, here’s a video: