How to Get All 18 Inventory Bag Slots in Swords of Legends Online

Swords of Legends Online has taught me many things, one of which is a harrowing reflection of a soon-to-be casted for Hoarders actor – but thanks to its upcoming Firestone Legacy update, which will also come with its highly anticipated Free to Play systems, the game is now providing you brand new ways to get 18 Slot Bags for either your Inventory or your Bank space. You’ll be able to find the coordinates for the locations of the shops next to the Shop’s name.

Here is a list of all the places and shops that you can obtain one of these space saving bags:


Login Shop (-77,-70)
Stone Box in a Mystical Colour (1,236 Gold and 500 Silver – Requires 129 Attendance Tokens)


Langquan Street Merchant (30,72)
Bell of the Oppressor of Evil (1,926 Gold and 500 Silver – Requires 880 Cloudrise Token and Level 5 Prestige)


Natural History of Academy Shop (-87,81) [Applicable to All NPCs of this Prestige]
Ruyi Sceptre of Red Clouds (360 Gold – Requires 8000 Erudition Coins and Level 9 Prestige)


Class Bases

• All Class Locations at Class Merchant (-172,356 for Warrior and -164,-125 for Foxmage)
Jade Box (2,260 Gold and 500 Silver – Requires Level 6 Class Prestige)


Changhe Mountain

Firestone Clan Merchant (107,156)
Eaglewood Scent Pouch with Pearls and Tassels (2,260 Gold and 500 Silver – Requires Level 5 Prestige)

Changfu Garden

Pavilion of the Broken Sword Merchant (-266,-170)
Fabric Pouch with Floral Motif (2,260 Gold and 500 Silver – Requires Level 5 Prestige)

If new ways to purchase, or even craft, 18 slot bags are available in Swords of Legends Online, I will do my best to update this post to reflect that for the players looking to invest in some space saving ways.