Demon’s Wheel Mechanic Guide

A detailed guide for players who want to know the dungeon… detailly… and something more at the end for those brave players that crave to know it all… ~nipah☆ 

Bandersnatch’s Mechanic Guide: 


Count Mechanic: 
  • A message will appear on the screen, saying “Open your eyes and count!” 
  • Random players will get circle AoEs on them, which they will have to iframe.
  • The mentioned AoEs must be count. – This counting is usually assigned to the healer of the team, which will observe every player that gets the AoEs and count the total number of them. 
  • The number is ALWAYS between 1 and 5, and dead players cannot get them.
  • The boss will repeat the mechanic between 3 and 4 times, and each time, the number of AoEs need to be count and added up with the previously generated ones, until the In-Out Mechanic happens and resets the count to 0. 
  • Above 50% of the boss’s HP, the AoEs have a color when they explode: Blue if the number of AoEs generated at that moment is EVEN, and Red if the number of AoEs is ODD.
  • Below 50% of the boss’s HP, the AoEs will always be green and will have to be count with precision. 


In-Out Mechanic: 
  • A message will appear on the screen, saying “In or Out, Out or In?” 
  • The boss will draw a lined circle around him, dividing the areas that will be labeled as IN (the circle where the boss stands) and OUT (outside of that circle). 
  • Above 50% of the boss’s HP, the boss will shine with a colored mist under him WHILE the boss  draws the In-Out Mechanic’s circle.
  • Below 50% of the boss’s HP, the boss will shine the colored mist while he does the last Count Mechanic’s AoEs, which will be immediately followed by the In-Out Mechanic
  • The mist can either be Red or Blue. 
  • The Red mist counts as adding a 1 to the AoE’s total number from the corresponding Count mechanic.
  • The blue mist does NOT count as adding anything, or just adding a 0. 


Even (Blue) Mist


  • If the total number from the Count Mechanic (plus the mist’s) is EVEN (Ex: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.), the players must step INSIDE the In-Out Mechanic’s Circle.
  • If the total number from the Count Mechanic is ODD (Ex: 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.), the players must step OUTSIDE the In-Out Mechanic’s Circle


IMPORTANT NOTE: In case of getting the boss under 50% of his HP after he has done a 3rd Count AoEs, IF he does a 4th Count AoEs RIGHT AFTER GETTING UNDER 50%, the count is reset, and ONLY this 4th’s Count green AoEs PLUS the mist’s color he will do DURING the AoEs, will establish the number for the In-Out Mechanic that will follow it IMMEDIATELY after. 

Demoros’s Mechanic Guide 


General Knowledge: 
  • Demoros’s battle is more of a game than a battle.
  • Two score bars will be displayed on the screen: the top one measures Demoros’s score, while the bottom one shows the group’s score.
  • The goal is to reach to 100 pts before the boss does. – This boss cannot be killed, but his health can go down just below 30%.
  • It is convenient to get the boss below 30% health points, since it’ll grant some advantages to the players.


In-Out Colored AoE Attack: 
  • The boss will start the battle by summoning a colored energy orb on top of his head with both hands and always doing a Donut-Circle double AoE attack.
  • This first AoE has a red indicator.
  • The energy orb above his head can either be Blue or Red and it is recommended that players memorize this for the rest of the battle. 
  • This first orb’s color will indicate weather the AoE attacks will be Circle-Donut, or Donut-Circle, every time the boss repeats the attack.
  • For every time after the first AoE attack: 
    • If the other AoE’s orbs are the same color as the first was, the attack will happen in a Donut-Circle order (players must go close to the boss, then back away)
    • If the other AoE’s orbs are of a different color as the first was, the attack will happen in a Circle-Donut order (players must back away from the boss, then go close to him).


Initial AOE from Demoros


NOTE: After the Coins Mechanic (see further below), the colors will mean the opposite order than what they meant at the start of the battle (the original color will mean a close attack to the boss first, then away, while the opposite color will mean a Donut-Circle attacking order) 

Rolling Mechanic: 
  • A message will appear on the screen, saying “Rolling...”
  • ALL players will get circle AoEs similar to the first boss’s Count Mechanic ones in size.
  • If the boss glow blue, the AoEs attacks will each strike one time the place, while if the boss glows red, they will strike twice. 
  • (Please note that the room is like a giant casino wheel, with a round wall built by 6 “smaller walls” of different colors.)
  • A white ball will spawn on top of a color on the wall and start rolling. It will take 16 seconds to land on a color.
  • A message will appear on the screen when the white ball lands on a color, saying “This time is Blue/White/Red” (the message will only mention one of those colors.) 
  • The ball rolls either clockwise or counterclockwise, and this is important to consider for the Summoning Dice Mechanic
  • In the first Rolling Mechanic of each battle, the white ball will ALWAYS spin clockwise.
  • Depending on the result of the previous Summoning Dice Mechanic the ball will spin either clockwise or counterclockwise in the next Rolling Mechanic (this will be explained in the Summoning Dice Mechanic section).
  • A clockwise direction means that the players must attack the TWO dice of the colors that WERE NOT mentioned.
  • A counter-clockwise direction means that the players must attack ONLY the dice of the color that was mentioned. 



NOTE: it is advised that the healer of the team types the color or colors that the team should attack in the group’s chat, since the battle leads to making everyone forget the colors.

Summoning Dice Mechanic: 
  • A message will appear on the screen, saying “Demoros is summoning dice!
  • Three colored dice will spawn on the room at the same distance from each other.
  • The dice are colored Blue, White and Red, watching them in a clockwise direction. 
  • The players are supposed to attack the dice as explained at the end of the Rolling Mechanic section.
  • After dealing enough damage to the correct dice, they’ll flip and have a number that is randomly selected from 1 to 6. These numbers will be added up to the group’s score.
  • If a wrong dice is hit, it will explode, dealing massive damage and a severe DoT effect to all players, and take away from 1 to 6 points from the group’s score.
  • Demoros will roll a single die on his own, with numbers possible between 1 and 6. This number will be added to his score bar. 
  • The score the boss gets with his single die is compared to the sum of the scores the players got with any dice they were able to flip. 
  • If the group’s score from that round is bigger than the boss’s score (on that round) the group wins, and the white ball from the Rolling Mechanic will spin clockwise the next time.
  • If the group’s score from that round is smaller than the boss’s score the group loses, and the white ball from the Rolling Mechanic will spin counterclockwise the next time. 


Summoning Dice Mechanic


Center Dice Mechanic: 
  • A message will appear on the screen, saying “You still think you can win?” 
  • The boss will go to the center of the room and will summon 4 dice: at his front, back and each of his sides, and right after push the players close by away from the dice and staggering them for 1 second (it can be iframed).
  • These dice have values ranging from 4 to 6 points. 
  • The boss starts casting a room-wide 1-shot attack, giving the players around 13 seconds to break the dice. 
  • The players MUST break as many dice as possible, but always at least one of them, since each die will generate a blue safe zone after it is broken. 
  • After this attack happens, all unbroken dice’s score will be added to Demoros’s score bar as bonus points. Therefore, it’s better to try and break more than 1. 


Raining Coins Mechanic: 
  • When the boss’s HP drops below 30% he will disappear.
  • A message will appear on the screen, saying “FEVER TIME! Demoros is recovering in the underworld!
  • Coins will start raining and the players are supposed to “pick them up” by placing their characters on the indicators that will appear. 
  • There are two types of coins: blue and red. 
  • Blue coins have a small blue circle indicator and add 1 point to the group’s score.
  • Red coins have a larger red circle indicator and are worth 3 points, however, at the cost of the player suffering damage (80% of the player’s max HP.) 
  • The healer of the team must heal the players in order for them to be able to pick as many red coins as possible.
  • If two coins OF THE SAME TYPE are tried to be picked in a short time, the second coin’s value will not be registered.
  • It’s not viable to die for a red coin unless it’s a critical situation, while the healer should avoid dying. 


After the Rain of Coins Stops: 
  • After 20 seconds of coins raining, the rain will stop and the boss will return with 70% of his HP.
  • The boss’s HP will recover at a rate of 0.37% per second (it’s faster than what you’re thinking.) 
  • The color from the In-Out Color AoE Attack will be switched to the opposite color. 
  • A Red coin will fall somewhere around every 15 seconds. 
  • The Center Dice and Rolling Mechanics will not happen anymore. 
  • The players will be able to attack and flip ALL dice in the Summoning Dice Mechanics, which will happen more often. 
  • The players must pay attention to Demoros’s HP, since if it reaches 100% he will win and wipe the party. He can still win with his score too. 
  • When the group’s score reaches 100 pts, the group will win, Demoros will disappear, and a treasure chest containing rewards will spawn in the center of the room. 
Bernkastel’s Tricks and Secrets Against Demoros: 

(For players EXPERIENCED in the dungeon) 


About “predicting” the color that will roll: 
  • The moment the boss says “Rolling…” the ball appears directly in the middle of a colored wall.
  • The color that the ball will choose will be the next one it goes to, and it will always be the color for either clockwise or counterclockwise rotations. 
    • Example: If the ball spawns on White, and rotates clockwise, the next color it will be on is Red, and RED is precisely the color that it will be announced 12 seconds later. 
    • DON’T FORGET to call out the correct colors, just because you’re too distracted from getting it right PLEASEEEEEE!!!!! 
  • Calling out the color(s) early gives everyone time to prepare for when the mechanic happens, and it’s less risky than waiting 16 seconds, when you might be focused in the fight and forget to see the message on the screen. 


About waiting for the color dice: 
  • It might sound hard to believe, but the colored dice can only EXIST in one of four places. 
    • Blue Dice
      • Between blue and white walls. 
      • ▪ In the middle of a red wall.
    • Red Dice
      • ▪ Between red and white walls. 
      • ▪ In the middle of a blue wall.
    • White Dice
      • ▪ Between red and blue walls. 
      • In the middle of a white wall.
  • It might be easier to think about the Blue and Red dice as opposites, while the white dice an exception. (Read where the Blue and Red dice can be again, CAREFULLY
  • The 1st time the dice spawn, they will spawn WITHOUT FAIL in the same spots, between colored walls. (It’s easier that players learn the positions by themselves rather than reading it) 
  • The 1st, 3rd, 5th, and odd numbered times the dice spawn, they’ll always be between their 2 correspondent walls.
  • The 2nd,4th, 6th, and even numbered times, the dice will always be in the middle of their correspondent, single wall. 
    • Example: in the 2nd round, playing as a tank or dps, you can expect the blue dice to be in the middle of one of the two red walls, so you can look at the spot in case if it spawns there.
    • In case it doesn’t, you can trust me and torn around to look at the other red wall behind you and it WILL be there WITHOUT FAIL.
  • Knowing this is not absolutely necessary, but it really lets you be at the color 3 seconds faster than usual. Very useful to carry. 
  • Assuming the healer doesn’t decide to spam the color callout, you can count the callouts and see which number of round he current is, and get prepared.
  • Remember that clockwise to the Blue dice will be the White dice, and clockwise to them will be the Red dice, ALWAYS. This is also a way of locating all dice after seeing only one. 
To view some of the tricks in action, you can check out the video below: