100 Player Medieval Battle Royale, ‘RAN: Lost Islands’, Coming to PS4

Just when you thought you’d see the end of the PlayStation China Hero Project, which I previously talked about Convallaria, another title that came to be born from that project itself. RAN: Lost Islands has begun their Beta for Steam, which is how I came to see about this title. Originally announced back in 2019, the game is set to offer a 100 player medieval battle royale setting, with only 16th century firearms and weaponry.



According to the game’s official website:

RAN: Lost Islands is an online multiplayer combat game set in the 16th Century era of melee weapons and firearms. 100 challengers play as outcasts, battling to survive as they experience the age of discovery and seek a magnificent ancient treasure.

You are the treasure hunter outcast, craving a secret fortune and the legendary artifacts beneath the islands. Great courage and wisdom will be needed to eliminate all enemies – by fair means or foul – and triumphantly return home from the swashbuckling adventure.”


Image provided by RAN: Lost Islands Official Discord


As for the character creations, or classes as players would want to know, it offers Classes from three factions: The European Empire, Ming Dynasty and Japanese Shogunate.

Some of these classes are the Cuirassier, the Foot Soldier, the Frontier Calvary, the Landsknecht, the Musketeer, the Ninja, Samurai, the Spearman and the Ashigaru. All of which offer different playstyles and abilities. 


According to the team, you can: 

Switch between classes using distinct combat styles to gain fortune and glory.



After some investigative work, I was able to find that the team behind the upcoming battle royale title would be releasing the PS4 Beta for RAN: Lost Islands mid-2020, though most likely would be delayed due to the on-going issues with COVID around the world (but that’s just me speculating). The team also stated on their official Discord, that the game was partially funded by Sony PlayStation Shanghai, and therefore there’s an exclusive deal on consoles with PlayStation – so Xbox players won’t be seeing the game in any near future


Check out the Gameplay Trailers below: 



RAN: Lost Islands has no set date yet for release, for PC players can wishlist it on Steam, or sign-up for Beta Access on the official website


For more information on RAN: Lost Islands you can visit their official links below:
Official Website | Official Discord | Official YouTube | Official Twitter