Yokua’s Awakened Sorcerer Guide


Hello, my in game name is Yokua, I am an PVE Sorcerer main on NA Darkan server PS4. This post Apex guide was created since Consoles awakening patch diverted from PC’s. It is no longer recommended to follow any PC guides for Console players as Sorcerer on both Console and PC are practically 2 different classes now. That being said Console does not have any Sorcerer guides out at the moment. Since the console version of TERA does not currently have a DPS meter for solid factual information this guide is read at your own risk and 100% optional if you follow this guide or not. This guide is here for reference and to act as an aid to those that need help.

I will be going into detail about some things throughout the guide with a little more explanation to things. As you read through this guide if you have any questions regarding any of the information that’s posted or if interested in more advanced details, explanations and Sorcerer tips and tricks my discord is Fox#9287. As said above the introduction I won’t be discussing rotations because everyone has their own rotations and are different one way or another. I will be covering Gear rolls, Accessory rolls, Etchings, Crystals, Glyphs, some Sorcerer tips and tricks.

I will do my best to edit and keep this guide up to date as future updates release and make any changes that are necessary. I would also like to thank DareDevil for reviewing and providing feedback on this Awakening guide for Console Sorcerer.


Gear Overview

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Skill Glyphs
IconSkill NameGlyphComments
FireballYou should not glyph this Skill.
Frost SphereIncreases the chance to crit by 1.5 times on attacking monsters.
Lightning TrapYou should not glyph this Skill.
Arcane Pulse
Speeds casting by 15%.
Increases Skill Damage by 25%.
Increases damage of Lightning Strike by 20% for a few seconds.
Can move while charging.
Increases Crit Factor by 2.5 times for 5 seconds.
Meteor StrikeDoubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters.
Can move while charging.
Speeds casting by 15%.
Teleport JauntYou should not glyph this skill.
Mana BarrierIncreases damage absorption by 30px%.
Note: This glyph is optional and at times is recommended depending on the dungeon.
Lightning StrikeDoubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters.
40% chance to eliminate cooldown.
Void PulseDoubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters.
Increases skill damage by 20%.
MindblastYou should not glyph this skill.
RetaliateYou should not glyph this skill.
Glacial RetreatSpeeds charging for Arcane Pulse by 30px% for a few seconds.
Note: This glyph is optional, the only purpose for this is speeding up the arcane pulse charge.
Flaming BarrageSpeeds casting by 40%.
Mana VolleyYou should not glyph this skill.
Time GyreYou should not glyph this skill.
Keen NovaIncreases Crit Factor by 2.5 times for 5 seconds.
Stone SkinYou should not glyph this skill.
Warp BarrierDecreases cooldown by 20%.
Increases effect duration by 100%.
Mana BoostWhen casted, Speeds charging by 25,203 for 20 seconds.
Decreases cooldown by 20%.
Increases effect duration by 20%.
Tips, Tricks and Explanations

Sorcerer’s Mana

The Sorcerer class will eat up Mana. To prevent this there are a few things that help. Having Mana potions, having a Battle Solution and having at least one Glistening Hardy as I mentioned above in the crystal section.

Invulnerability Framing
: (iframe)

This is a common term that you will hear late game in TERA. iframe is a skill which makes you (almost) invulnerable to damage. iframes are used when there is an attack that you can’t move away from or block. As for Sorcerer there are 3 iframes but only 2 iframe skills. The first iframe is Teleport Jaunt. This skill teleports you a short distance in the direction of movement and can be used up to 2 times before going into a hard cooldown to where you can not use it again until the cooldown is up. The cooldown for one Teleport Jaunt is 4 seconds. The second iframe is Warp Barrier. This casts a barrier around you that cancels all damage for 1 second and has a cooldown of 18 seconds. Warp Barrier Will be your bread and butter when you are in the middle of attacking. You can cast Warp Barrier right before an attack and keep on attacking. Warp Barrier with both glyphs I recommend above reduces the cooldown from 18 seconds to 14.4 seconds and increases duration by 100% making that 1 second last 2 seconds.

Elemental Fusions/Fusion Building

This Sorcerer tip is specifically for your Apex Skills. For your fusion attacks you have 4 total. Prime flame (Flame and Frost), Iceberg (Frost and Arcane), Arcane Storm (Arcane and Flame) and Elemental Fusion (All Three). Your fusion bar is above your HP bar. Frost is left and shows up light blue. Flame is in the middle and shows up red. Arcane is right and shows up purple. You can only have two at once for a fusion attack outside of mana boost. That being said if you have 2 in your bar for an attack and cast a skill that is empty on your bar it will replace one of the bars with your last attack. Your bar will not charge if the attack does not hit the boss. Fusion attacks do not consume Mana.


The only way to completely fill up your Fusion bar is while Mana boost is active. A goal for each Mana boost is to use 3 Elemental fusions. This is obtainable but requires you to not charge up your Meteor Strike skill. Also if you have any bars filled prior to casting Mana Boost those bars will reset so it is better to use your fusion attack before Mana boost otherwise you just wasted a skill that was available to use. For Arcane pulse and Meteor Strike (Flame and Arcane elements) these two skills have the longer cooldown.

So it is better to switch between Arcane and Flame. So if you build Arcane and Frost first your next should be Flame and Frost and so on. It’s easier to build these two up back and forth playing around your cooldowns but if you do build Arcane and Flame there is nothing wrong with that. Specifically Arcane and Flame fusion has a shorter range so it will require you to be a little closer than where you would normally be attacking from.

Attack Speed

Sorcerer’s are slow attackers so it is good to build up your Attack Speed. There are a few things that help with that gear wise like Energetic Etchings and rolls as recommended above in the guide. There also are Food Buffs that provide some Attack Speed as well. Lamb Bulgogi gives +3 to Attack Speed, Fish Fritters gives +3 to Attack Speed and Lein’s Dark Root Beer gives +20 to Attack Speed.

Crit Factor / Power Ratio

For these two stats there are 2 separate numbers. You have the white numbers which is your base Crit Factor and Power. The second number is green and will look like +00. The green number is what you will be building up using accessories, rolls on your accessories, gear, green crystals and Accessory Etchings. Sorcerers require a good amount of Crit Factor. This stat modifies an attack’s chance to Crit. Higher values result in more Crit. It is necessary to build your Crit Factor up but it is not recommended to go all Crit as you will never Crit 100% of the time. A comfortable area for Crit Factor is around 300. The Power stat affects your attack skills.


It is better to build up your Crit Factor first to where you Crit a majority of the time then you can start building up your Power stat from there. Personally for my Crit Factor I feel comfortable at 320 Crit Factor. These two stats can also be buffed by outside factors as well. With all Priest buffs your Crit Factor gets buffed by +30. The Power stat will be buffed by +130 and +138 if your Priest has their Energy stars skill Glyphed. Priests also give you a buffin Crit Power by +20%. If you are running with a Mystic your Crit Factor is buffed by +42 and Power by +48. You also have food buffs such as Lamb Bulgogi and Fish Fritters. Lamb Bulgogi gives a buff to Crit Factor by +20. Fish Fritters gives a buff to Power by +10. Prime battle solutions give a buff to Power by 27%.

Mana Boost

As mentioned above in the Element building Mana Boost is a Key factor when it comes to your Element Fusion attacks. I recommend casting Mana Boost when bosses are enraged. This is where my Glyph recommendations come in. With the Haste glyph speeds up charging for your charge skills Arcane Pulse and Meteor Strike allowing you to cast them faster. With the Energetic glyph it decreases the cooldown of Mana Boost by 24 seconds allowing the cooldown to be done quicker. With the Lingering glyph it increases the duration making Mana Boost last 4 seconds longer than it would without that glyph.

This guide will be kept up-to-date with the newest content that comes to TERA Console. To discuss more about the Sorcerer Class and how to beat up your enemies with this guide, we can chat in the comments below.