Shaiya Shutting Down February 28

Shaiya is a game that has been in the MMORPG realm for so many years, that I can honestly say it was one of the first MMOs that I really got into and was able to experience a Korean MMO with a guild. In 2007, the strange MMORPG with the forces of Darkness and Light clashing with each other, finally released and was published by Aeria Games. Yes, groan if you must, regardless of what players might think of Aeria Games now, back then they were the place to find some pretty fun MMORPGs. Mind you, this was also probably around the first time I became aware of the Pay to Win elements in games such as these, and it’s very likely what led me into a spiral of hatred towards that monetization system. But I digress, I had come to learn that Shaiya was going to be shutting down at the end of February, due to the license from Gamigo (Aeria Games was acquired by / merged with Gamigo in 2016).

In their latest news post, Gamigo shares that players would be receiving a transfer code sometime in January, which coincidentally is what inspired me to write this article. That transfer code would allow players to transfer all their character data to the new provider, Fawkes Games. Shaiya isn’t the only one that’s jumping on board to this migration, as Last Chaos, another MMORPG from the Gamigo catalogue, will be dealing with the same fate.

Right now, if by some reason you are playing either of these games, check your email for a unique code that you will receive from Gamigo – it will likely be in your Spam / Junk folder, much like it was for me. On February 7th, players will be able to create a Fawkes’ account and begin migration within the same month. I’ll admit, I have never heard of Fawkes Games until tonight, but given that they are being called a partner for Gamigo, and their website, built with WordPress (much like this one!) has some royalty-free videos playing from Envato’s Videohive, I cannot say that I have much confidence in this new move. Still, at least the games will not be lost and will continue on. 

Gamigo provided some answers to common questions that players might have during this move, which a few are available below.

Can I continue playing the game in the future?

Yes, the game will be relaunched by Fawkes Games.

What happens with my game progress at gamigo?

We will anonymize the data and hand it over to Fawkes Games. Fawkes Games will be able to restore your game progress after creating a new account. You will need a secret transfer-code to get your progress restored.

Where can I sign up for an account with Fawkes Games?

Please visit the transfer-website ( and follow the steps described. The account sign-up won't be possible until February 7, 2023.

What happens to all other channels, will they be transferred (e.g. Discord)?

Fawkes Games is running their own discord, which you can visit already. (

What happens to my Aeria Points?

Aeria Points cannot be transfered to the new service. However, all items that you have had purchased before and are added to your account will be transfered. We recommend that you spend your Aeria Points before the game is closing at gamigo.

Do I need evidence of my data in case of lost items?

It's a good idea to keep a record of what you got and also take screenshots. However, we have no influence on how Fawkes Games will handle your requests.

My Account is banned, can it be still transferred?

We are not sending e-mails to banned accounts.

For a full list of the FAQ, visit:

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Though sad to see a world where Shaiya and Last Chaos will no longer be a part of the Aeria Games family, perhaps this will refresh the classic free-to-play MMORPG to a new format. Coincidentally, a video review for Shaiya was underway, and I’ve been filming here and there for the past few weeks, before even realizing that this was happening. Well, if you’re reading this and either of these two games were of interest to you, it would be wise to wait until mid-to-end of February to jump into the game.