Upcoming Souls-like Title ‘Mortal Shell’ Reveals Gameplay and Beta in July 3

Mortal Shell is a title that is something I’m really excited for. I’ve spoken about briefly here, and reported on it – which caught the attention of thousands of readers. Today in IGN’s Summer of Gaming livestream, it was announced that the upcoming souls-esque title would be sharing its first Beta on July 3rd – with showing off the first real look at gameplay. 


The developer showcased some gameplay, with details on how the Shells worked in game. The Shells are the characters that you’ll be able to play, and learn about the lore and history of each Shell. There are 4 Shells, hidden throughout the world so that players can choose very early on to figure out what playstyle they’d like to go with. According to the team, the Shells are hidden, but they’re all near the beginning area for players to quickly choose how they’d like to play. In fact, players can also choose to reject all Shells and challenge themselves by playing the game through their initial Shell. If players choose to go with the Shells around the world of Mortal Shell, they’ll learn abilities based on the story behind each Shell.  


The iconic soul coming out of the Shell, or body, as we learned, is due to your HP being very low and keeping you in a vulnerable state due to this. 



We were also able to see a boss battle between the Shell, and Enslaved Grisha – which brings an entire nostalgic feel so games like Dark Souls or even Bloodborne. The boss offers different patterns and abilities, that requires players to focus on timing. According to the team, the map is not that big, but it’s still big enough to get lost in. The game is set to be “around 20 hours” according to one of the team members behind the upcoming title. 


Check out the Gameplay and Interview below with IGN:


As previously mentioned, Mortal Shell is set to release in Q3 2020, with availability on PC, PS4 and XB1. The Beta is coming in July 3rd, for PC only. Players can opt-in to play by joining the Mortal Shell Discord below.

For more information on Mortal Shell you can visit their official links below:
Official Site | Official Discord | Official Twitter