Black Desert Console Sails The Seas With New Margoria Update

Pearl Abyss has gone ahead and released one of the biggest updates for Black Desert, Margoria, bringing in the Great Ocean of the game – along with Epheria Sailboats, Frigates and Galleons. Players can take to the seas to fight one another, or the dreaded Margoria Phantom Ship. 


As noted in their patch notes:



With the opening of Port Ratt, Adventurers will want to travel the ocean to visit the sea-faring town. However, taking a raft there will be quite dangerous. Therefore, the residents of Port Ratt and Port Epheria worked together to release the methods on how to make Epheria Sailboats, Epheria Frigates, and Guild Galleys!


Make sure to prepare your sea vessels with cannons as well as a crew that can fire them [characters must be level 50 or higher]. If you take to the high seas, keep an eye on your Ship Rations, which are automatically consumed when moving with the ship or using it’s skills. To refill your ship rations back to normal, speak to the Wharf Manager to purchase them. Higher qualities of ship rations will allow you to recover more.  


One thing to note is that these boats and galleys are meant to travel the ocean, requiring a lot of care into navigating them. If Adventurers hit reef hazard zones, they may find their vessel damaged.


※ More information regarding boat skills and methods on how to craft the boat in our soon-to-be-released Margoria GM Note.


You are also now able to get Roroju’s Rescue Raft via the [Daily] If You Need a Boat quest.



While the Great Ocean houses plenty of new resources for Adventurers, there are dangers that lurk in the ocean. Sea Monsters threaten the waters of Margoria but defeating them can earn Adventurers rare items that can be sold for Guild Silver as well as materials that will allow your Guild to become more powerful.


Goldmont Pirate Ships are also lurking among the sea monsters. Chase them away with whatever tools you have and obtain Goldmont Pirate Golden Coins for your troubles. They fetch for quite a bit of silver if sold to NPC vendors.


However, Sea Monsters and Goldmont Pirates are not the only threats to worry about as Adventurers may encounter the Margoria Phantom Ship. A mysterious ship that sails through the ocean, Adventurers who see the Phantom Ship will notice that their own vessel will come to a complete stop as raging storms will turn the sky into a pitch black. The vessel will no longer be able to move and will only have their cannons operational. The Phantom Ship will send ghosts (equivalent to the number of people aboard your vessel). Defeat them or sink the Margoria Phantom Ship to continue on your way and to restore color to the skies.


With this and the upcoming Hashashin class that’s coming to console first, of course after PC in Korea – but still first between global regions, things are looking up for Black Desert. For more information on their new update, visit their website at


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