TERA Announces Its Newest Global Publisher

Update:According to the Lead Developer, Tamura Koji, on September 14th players will receive a notice to accept or decline their data being transferred to the new Publisher, KRAFTON Bluehole. By agreeing, players will be able to continue to play and on the date of service transfer (October 15), they’ll be able to continue where they […]

TERA Console Has a Crossplay Release Date

Update:KRAFTON Bluehole Studio has announced they will be instead be releasing their crossplay feature this Fall in Mid-November, mostly due to the En Masse Entertainment transition causing a delay, as well as citing that this is a perfect opportunity for players on all regions to get the feature at the same time instead of the […]

Bless Unleashed Coming to PS4 on August 20th

Well, looks like we were right as we reported just yesterday that the game would be indeed coming this Fall and the PlayStation Store listing. According to Bandai Namco, the upcoming Bless Unleashed, would be releasing on the PlayStation on August 20th – well, the closed beta at least. Meaning less than a week they’ve […]

Bless Unleashed Added to PlayStation Store Listing

Earlier today, it was caught both on Gamstat and PS4Patches.com, a new listing on the PlayStation Store – Bless Unleashed. These two sites monitor any and all updates, patches and new listings to the PSN Store. So what exactly does this mean? We do know that Bless Unleashed was originally released on the Xbox One, […]

Yokua’s Awakened Sorcerer Guide

Introduction Hello, my in game name is Yokua, I am an PVE Sorcerer main on NA Darkan server PS4. This post Apex guide was created since Consoles awakening patch diverted from PC’s. It is no longer recommended to follow any PC guides for Console players as Sorcerer on both Console and PC are practically 2 […]

Sarumonin’s Awakened Priest Guide

TERA Console’s Awakening update has released, and with it a completely different experience than that of PC’s Awakening System. We’ll go over the Priest, and the most optimal way to play the class in Apex.

PvP Team-Based Game Hood: Outlaws & Legends Coming to PC and Consoles

Just today, Sumo Newcastle and Focus Home Interactive, announced their upcoming team-based PvP game, called Hood: Outlaws & Legends. According to their article on the official website for Focus Home Interactive, they state: “It is always an exciting moment when you finally get to reveal the game you have been working on behind closed doors […]

The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

It seems that Bethesda has just announced that both DOOM Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online would be coming to the next generation consoles, with free upgrades for players that have the copies on the PS4 or Xbox One. In their newest announcement they state that both titles would come with a list of enhancements […]