Hiatus No More, Returning Back to Content Creation

It’s no secret that I have been not been writing on Sarumonin.com, and creating content in general for a few months. I’d even dare to say, for the past year it has been slowed down. There are a lot of reasons for this, and if you are subscribed to my channel on YouTube, then you already know these reasons. 

For those that don’t, however, the short version of it is that for the past year I have been dealing with legal matters with my past agency / representation and as well dealing with my mental health – finally. But, I’m finally at a clear space now in life and I can deal with things accordingly. So, going forward I will be going back to writing articles and gaming news for games and technology in the gaming realm that I find interesting, and hopefully others will too.

If interested in my story, check out the video below: