Black Desert Sends a Special Package

I woke up this morning to the sound of a nice, albeit loud and obnoxious, knock on my door. Little did I know that I would be receiving a package from Pearl Abyss, the team behind the fantasy MMORPG, Black Desert. These packages were sent out to the Pearl Abyss Partners, myself included, though we were never told what would be included. I for one thought we would get a t-shirt and a bag maybe, but nothing like this. For a full reveal and unveiling of the items inside the package, check out the video below!



The full package, which comes with a wonderful Black Spirit plushy, Black Spirit / Black Desert socks, a Pearl Abyss / Black Spirit coffee mug, a nice set of stickers, T-Shirt, Pearl Abyss bag, Pearl Abyss pen, a Plastic Model Black Spirit package, and a wonderful thank you note (which you’ll notice has blurred out some text. This is due to a mistake in the name placed on it, and I didn’t want to confuse anyone, so I just decided to blur it out.



The Black Desert Plastic Model built. Can add weapon accessories and different emotions with stickers.



The Pearl Abyss / Black Spirit Coffee Mug and Black Spirit Plastic Model



Comfy, Casual Black Spirit Socks


Check out the video unveiling here: