Temtem to Make its Console Debut Exclusive to PlayStation 5

Okay, okay, I need to calm down. Today, on the PlayStation Blog, it was announce that Temtem (a game I have been so absolutely excited for and hyped about for almost 2 years or so) would be coming to PlayStation 5 Consoles, exclusively, starting December 8th. The game has been on PC for about 8 months, and a bit longer before that for Early Access and testing things – normal Alpha / Beta things. However! Not only is the game going to be coming to the PlayStation 5, it’s also in fact going to be in Early Access – which is pretty much a first for consoles!

The blog states:

The world of Temtem is divided into six main islands. Players can access four of them at the start of Early Access. Temtem’s main campaign will carry you through these islands in a journey spanning more than 30 hours, in which you’ll be able to capture over 100 unique Tems!

The whole campaign is playable in co-op, and since Temtem is an always-online world, you’ll constantly meet other players around you and will be able to battle, trade, or just chat and get to know fellow Temtem tamers.

You can pre-order Temtem today at a discounted price and receive an exclusive in-game title, PSN avatars, and Early Access on December 8! 


As for the readers asking “What even is Temtem?”, well think of Pokemon. Alright, you’ve got that idea in your mind, okay perfect. Now think of an MMORPG, with parties and raids that allows you to play together, crossplay with PC, and become the best Trainer that you ever was. That’s Temtem. It’s a little limited, I admit, because I am quite excited for the game, but admittedly, it doesn’t offer such a vast, massive open world. But! If you’re not really interested in this title, you could always wait for the upcoming DokeV