No Man’s Sky Reveals Next Generation Enhancements with Crossplay

If there’s something to be said about No Man’s Sky, only one word comes to mind: Resilience. The game went from a, well honestly there’s no other way to put it other than, abysmal launch with horrible reviews – to becoming a well-loved community favorite. The team behind the game, along with Sean Murray – the founder of Hello Games – has worked tirelessly on the game to become the product they always envisioned. What vision was that? An epic space game, with tons of players to support, endless journeys throughout space to visit infinite planets all generated on the whim, with an incredibly ambitious system. They’ve achieved just that. Admittedly, it has taken time, but they’ve done just that. 


Alright, now moving past all that gush and respect, the game has announced today on the PlayStation Blog website, that it would be coming to the brand new PlayStation 5 with enhanced graphics, crossplay, and so much more. In fact this is the list:

  • Haptic controls: From the satisfying feeling of firing your boltcaster, to the gentle nudge of a building part slotting into place in a space habitat or the firm click of the trigger in your interstellar ship – haptic controls allow players to feel immersed in an alien world as never before.
  • Fuller worlds: Next generation hardware allows No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation to create lusher, richer and more densely populated universes than ever before. Planet surfaces are even more detailed,  with thousands more rocks, alien grasses, and exotic flora on screen at any time. 
  • 32 player multiplayer: For the first time on console, up to 32 players can join forces to build, survive, fight and explore the galaxy together.
  • Advanced audio: Immersion has always been a pillar of No Man’s Sky. Thanks to PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, players will be able to soak in the ambience of an alien planet, or feel a ship fly overhead like never before (You can find out more about PS5’s 3D Audio here.)
  • 4K* at 60FPS: On PlayStation 5 players can experience the universe in pin-sharp detail at higher framerates.
  • Ultra visuals: Explore alien vistas with improved shadows, greater draw distances, thousands more objects on screen and improved lighting and volumetric effects.
  • Vast base building: Players can now work together to build huge off-world colonies, with the ability to construct and render far more vast and complex bases on screen.
  • Warp-speed load times: Explore the universe instantly with 5-10x reduction in loading times. On PS5, you can warp from solar system to solar system in an instant.
  • Crossplay: PS5 explorers will be able to join together with other adventurers on all other platforms, including previous generations.
  • Upgrading from PS4 to PS5: Not only will previous owners of No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 be able to upgrade their game to PlayStation 5 at no extra cost when PS5 launches in their territory, but their progress can be carried across to their new console.
  • PlayStation VR: No Man’s Sky is fully playable in PS VR on PlayStation 5 by virtue of its backwards compatibility functionality. 
  • An evolving game: Just another step on the evolution of the best-selling title, No Man’s Sky Next Generation will come preloaded with the previous four years of huge upgrades from day one. Join in the journey at our most important moment yet

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to get into the game but never had the chance to because it felt like it wasn’t complete. I think this just might be the thing that throws me into it, finally. Honestly, a big salute to the team at Hello Games and Sean Murray, I have the utmost respect for these people for how much they put into this game, despite the failures and extreme negativity towards the teams. They made it into something truly splendid.