Swords of Legends Online Showcases 2021 Roadmap

In a planned stream on all major platforms (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) the Gameforge team has shown off the goals for this year, as a full Roadmap. Starting from July 9th, we have the release of the game, followed by the Summer Event in July which will include PvE and PvP activities, along with the Battle Pass that the game will introduce. Again in July, we have a brand new dungeon also coming called the Xuanjiu Jade Palace, which will introduce even stronger gear and 6 difficult bosses for players to fight off. 

After this, later in August, it is planned for additional content to be dropped such as the Waves in a Tempest, and Horror of Huaixiu Raids, each bringing in one boss encounter that will allow players to work together with 20 player raiding, to receive even stronger gear. That’s not all, as the team is introducing even more raids in August and September, with the Ruins of Nuo and Ice World raids for even more gear improvements. 

September will be bringing even stronger enemies with the Xuanjiu Jade Palace unlocking its Hard Mode, along with brand new activities for Fall and its second season of the Battle Pass. According to the Gameforge team on the livestream on June 30th, there are no plans to introduce the highly anticipated classes the Fox class, Warrior or the Archer class – as they are tied to specific updates and gear scores that the game needs to unlock prior to releasing these classes. 

As for the Battle Pass, the system will offer a free-to-play version Battle Pass, or a paid one that you can purchase in the Crimson Coin Store (Cash Shop) for roughly $10. The items included in this pass are simply vanity-based items, so only cosmetic, as well as Dust Crystals / Crystal Dust – which are the free to play Cash Shop Currency that players can get for doing events, quests, etc. The Battle Pass will work like most games that include this system, you’ll be able to do quests that are either PvE, PvP and Leisure and Fun quests which will give you Battle Pass Experience.

It is also important to note that the rewards are retroactive, so if you reach the level 110, and then purchase the Paid Version of the Battle Pass, you’ll be able to receive the premium rewards up until that level. Keep in mind, you will not be able to buy levels or “boosts” as the team is dead-set on the “No Pay-To-Win” claim they have promised over the last few months.

Right now the interface for the Battle Pass did state that it started on July 22nd, ending on September 1st, but the team said over and over that it’s not fully confirmed… even though it technically works with the Roadmap. According to Gameforge, it is “currently planned” for the Battle Pass items to become exclusive to only the Battle Pass – something for players to keep in mind when the word “currently” is used, as that could change in the future. Below is one of the rewards you can receive, which is a back-accessory animated Mermaid.

There are plans for an in-game event and quiz for players to earn some cosmetic rewards, with questions such as, “What is the name of the child that you are rescuing from nightmare dreams?”, for those that decide to pay attention to the story in the game. Swords of Legends Online is set to release on July 9th, with Name Reservation beginning this weekend on July 2nd. 

Need to get ready for the Preload and Name Reservation? There’s a video available right now to get you started: