Swords of Legends Online Preload Begins Tomorrow

The team over at Gameforge have released instruction via email, their forums and website, detailing on the brand new MMORPG’s pre-download status, along with how Name Reservation will be working. Though Swords of Legends Online is set to release next week on July 9th, players that have pre-ordered the game through any of the 3 editions available (Standard, Deluxe or Collectors) will have a chance to reserve their name this weekend as part of the pre-order perks. There are no early access head-starts, as is with traditional MMORPG’s (thank God), but players will be able to create their character and have it ready with all its character creation goodness for when the game does release – giving everyone equal time to level up together.

For full details on what’s to come with the Preload and Name Reservation, check out the video below: