Gameforge to Publish TERA’s PC North American Version

After the dissolution of En Masse Entertainment, not much was told about the future of TERA, well on PC at least. There’s been a lot of confusion as to what publishers would be taking over and continue the TERA service. We already knew that TERA’s Console version would be heading over to KRAFTON Console Department over at Bluehole Studio, having the game being published by the same company around the world. It seems the same can be said for TERA’s PC version, where the entire Western version of the game would be published by Gameforge.

In a new blog post titled “Welcome to the Family”, Gameforge writes the following:

It’s the start of a new chapter in Arborea: Gameforge is the new publisher of TERA on the continent of America!
We’re delighted to welcome our American players, who we’ve set up dedicated servers for: this move will be a cakewalk!
Of course, you’ll be able to bring your hero and game progress to the new server with you. After the move you’ll simply continue your adventure with Gameforge.

All players who bring their current account from En Masse Entertainment to Gameforge can look forward to a little welcome gift! There’s also the new TERA Battle Arena – a brand-new PvP challenge – coming your way as well as exclusive Gameforge features such as awesome Nightmare Dungeons and exciting events!

The migration is planned to start on October 22 while the new servers are scheduled to open on November 12.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our FAQ and keep your eyes open for further news with detailed info about the move and how it’s going to unfold.

See you soon in Arborea!
The Gameforge Team

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Included is an FAQ for players that are interested in how the migration from the En Masse Entertainment servers will work. Questions such as:

When will Gameforge start running TERA in America?
• On 12th November 2020.

When will En Masse Entertainment shut down their servers?
• EME will shut down their servers on 9th November 2020 (23:59 UTC).

Which build version will the NA servers launch with?
• The NA Servers will be launched with Build 99.

Will anything change regarding the 2 current servers that NA has?
• Gameforge will keep the current server structure that NA has, so everything should be the same as before.

Do players get to keep their progress to date?
• Yes, players get to keep all their progress as well as their items. Please note that a small number of items might have different content or won’t work anymore after the transfer (e.g. Elite subscription item).
• The Strongbox Keys will be converted into EU Strongbox Keys which can be used to open only EU Strongboxes. If you still have unopened NA Strongboxes, we’d advise you to open them before the server closes.

Will all my current characters be transferred?
• Yes, all characters will be transferred.

Do I keep all the character slots I currently have?
• Yes, but please bear in mind that the number of character slots you have might not be displayed correctly during the initial weeks.

What will happen to my guild/bank/friends list/Buddy-Up codes?
• The guild, bank and friends list remain unchanged.
• Old Buddy-Up codes can no longer be used.

Will characters and guilds keep their names?
• Yes.

What will happen to my Elite Status (called TERA Club in EU)?
• Players who had an active Elite subscription on the NA servers will enjoy TERA Club benefits on our servers as well.
• The remaining subscription time will be carried over from EME.
• The Elite subscription voucher items will not work on EU servers, so please use all of these items before the server shuts down.

What happens to the premium currency (EMP) I still have on the NA servers?
• EMP will be transferred at a rate of 100 EMP = 10 Tera Thalers for all players that had a purchase history with EME and that complete the migration process. As a special migration bonus, players will also receive an additional bonus of 30% in TT.
• Players who have only owned free EMP (through events for example) are advised to spend their currency before the servers shut down, as the EMP from those players will not be transferred.

Will the TERA Club subscription and TERA Thaler Balance be shared across EU and NA?
• No, since the EU and NA systems are completely separate from each other, TERA Club subscription and TERA Thaler Balance will also be separate.

Will my existing Founder Status be kept?
• Your existing Founder Status will be kept, but please note that NA players won’t have founder status if they start a character on an EU/SEA Server.

Will account-bound items be kept?
• This is currently not planned so players are advised to claim as many of these items as they need before the server closes.

For a full list, players should visit the Gameforge page here in order to get the information required about this move. At least the worst is finally over, wondering if TERA PC would continue or not after the mass hysteria on social media. Gameforge certainly has its ups and downs when it comes to Publishing TERA in the past, but we’re happy that players now have some information and can decide their future going forward.