[Exclusive] TERA’s Console Crossplay Feature Coming November

TERA has had a rollercoaster of a year, from letting go most of their staff members on the North American branch at the time at En Masse Entertainment, to then having the company shut down entirely with no real look at what was happening at the future of the game. Of course, that was until KRAFTON was announced to take over the Console version of TERA, and then later on Gameforge to continue the TERA legacy on PC from En Masse Entertainment. All in all, a rollercoaster of emotions. However, on the Console side of the world of TERA, it seems players are extremely satisfied with the service provided by the new publisher – and I think players will be even more pleased with the release of Crossplay between PS4, PS5, XB1 and Xbox Series X/S coming November. 

All in all, it seems November 19 is the definitive date for Crossplay coming to TERA’s Console version. Some early details were given out not too long ago, but it seems essentially this is a big server merge between North American servers of PlayStation and Xbox, the same for Europe and other regions. Players will have a chance to opt-in through the Server’s new Channel System to play with the other Console, or by themselves, similar to Black Desert’s Crossplay on their Console version. Players worried about their names, should be, as only the character with the longest time logged on will get to keep that name. So if your name is Kirito – because let’s be honest, it probably is – and you only have 1000 hours on PlayStation 4, players on the Xbox that have the same name and have more than 1000 hours will keep it by default. Extra information on Crossplay is set to release soon on the TERA Console Brandsite at: tera-console.com