Now Partnered With Pearl Abyss For Black Desert

After an amazing year playing TERA non-stop on the Playstation 4, I was so excited to receive an email from Pearl Abyss asking me if I wanted to be partnered with them. Admittedly, those who are close to me know that I was contacted in January (prior to release on the Xbox) to see if I wanted to be partnered with the company for the game and create content. Unfortunately, I did not and do not own an Xbox One, so I had to respectfully decline. Little did I know that less than 7 months later, I’d be contacted again to see if I was interested – again. Yes, yes I was.

I absolutely love the MMORPG Community, and after my first year really creating content on YouTube (primarily for TERA, I must admit), I learned a lot and that passion for community and content creation grew even more so. So, I’m happy to announce that I am now partnered with Pearl Abyss, to cover content for Black Desert on the Playstation 4. You may see giveaways and special content coming throughout its lifespan. I’ll be creating videos surrounding the game, the usual of course – Guides, News, Announcements and lots of Giveaways!

Thank you to Pearl Abyss for contacting me and giving me an opportunity!

I’ve created a little video covering just this topic really, among other things, which you can check out below:

Overall, I’m excited to start playing the game and can’t wait to get my Wizarding life back! It’s been a while since I last played, on PC, but I’m happy to start over on console and see how the community takes the game!

I’ll see ya out there!

’til next time, friends.