Throne and Liberty Showcases New Gameplay in New Video

NCSoft’s upcoming MMORPG, Throne and Liberty, has set the online gaming world ablaze with anticipation since its initial teaser. Originally titled as Project TL, the developers of the game had spoken to Inven back in April 2022, to speak more on what the game has to offer. This came with the shocking surprise that this “Next Gen MMORPG” would be hitting Consoles. In August 2022, while being interviewed by Ruliweb, the Lineage series developers spoke on monetization and Pay to Win, along with game balance and other features. Some internal Beta tests were also shown off, and showcased a gorgeous game that was getting closer and closer to release.

Now, however, NC has stepped once again the limelight to deliver a Director’s Preview, which one could simply take as a Director’s Letter which is common in the MMORPG world – especially games like Final Fantasy 14. In the video below, the Director, along with other members of his development team, speak on various subjects for the MMORPG. 

Topics, in which players have been quite interested about, such as Combat, PvP, Guilds, Classes and Character Creation were discussed at length. This was this finished with a gracious bow from the Game Director, with a promise to deliver the game in great shape, optimization and that it would be as smooth as possible once launched. Of course, the irony was not lost when early on in the video, some of the cutscenes had shown frame drops. Still, the game is looking more and more exciting as the days go by.

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Check Out the Video Version Below