TERA Console Teases Awakening with New Trailer

Playstation Asia released a teaser trailer of the upcoming Awakening, or Apex, update for TERA Console. Though it’s not sure when players will see the Awakening update, all signs point to May based on our previous interview with Bluehole Studio. This morning on the Sarumonin Discord, Tamura Koji – the Head of TERA Console Development / Lead Developer – posted his links to individual videos of each of the classes posted. You can see those videos below, though they are the same videos from the Awakening Teaser #1 video, just separate.

Archer Teaser
Slayer Teaser
Lancer Teaser
Ninja Teaser

We did know that marketing and PR would be releasing this month, based on the previous interview we had with the developer, but didn’t know it would be coming so quickly. What do you guys think? Are you excited about TERA Console finally receiving its Awakening update? Though players should expect nearly the same awakening features as on PC, the developer has stated it would be slightly different – along with adding skill reorganizations. You can read our interview with the developer here, for even more juicy details on what’s to come this year for TERA Console.