Black Desert Console Unleashes Its Dragon Fury with the Drieghan Update

Pearl Abyss released their patch notes and update for Drieghan, a new expansion for Black Desert on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, today. Bringing a whole new region where Dragons roam the Earth, new field bosses are readily available to be fought, and new life-skill mini-games to make lots of silver in – along with many more features – players can expect to meet some challenges. Of course, it’s not as easy as questing in the new land, you’ll need to have finished the Heart of Kamasylve,  [Crossroad] Yes, it is poorly Governed and their armies are pathetic or the [Crossroad] No, their elite forces hold their mountains tight quests, while being level 58 or above.


Of course with new regions comes new threats, and the two biggest threats when it comes to Drieghan are the leaders of two factions. Leebur, the leader of the Kagtums and Katzvariak, the leader of the Kvariaks. Fighting Leebur is a challenge players will soon find, using a scroll to summon Leebur, players will have a chance at grabbing Leebur’s Gloves – which offers more DP than ‘Bheg’s Gloves’, but with lower accuracy. 


You can find the details on the base stats of the gloves below:


Katzvariak is an anthropomorphic lizard that leads the Kvariaks. The leader has not been seen for a long time, but has recently resurfaced along with reports that Garmoth has awoken. This colossal figure has taken many an adventurer’s life.


Katzvariak is a field boss and will randomly spawn on servers at random times. When killed, Katvariak will drop the ‘Eye of the Ruins Ring’ which boasts the same stats as a Crescent Ring, with the added bonus of extra HP at each level of enhancement.


Sightings of Garmoth have caused a frenzy amongst the residents of Drieghan, but as of yet his resting spot has not been discovered. He will be making an appearance in a future update. 



With this update, comes the legendary myths of the Lakiaro – a mystical, medicinal plant that was once revered for their healing properties. Players will have a chance to start this mini-game, as long as they have a Dostter hoe. Starting this mini-game will give the player an immunity to being attacked by other players or monsters. This is a great way to make silver, especially if you do it right. The goal of the minigame is to extract the roots without dealing too much damage to the roots.


By selecting a square on the grind and pressing either X [Xbox] / Square [PS4] (deep dig) or A [Xbox] / X [PS4] (shallow dig), you can start to dig up the roots. The amount of rewards you get at the end of the minigame will depend on how damaged the root is. There are multiple types of Lakiaro’s available, and the difficulty of the minigame will depend on which type of Lakiaro you have discovered. The minigame will either be on a 12×12 grid of a 14×14 grid, and the amount of energy required to start the minigame will also depend on the type and difficulty of the Lakiaro you are trying to extract.


You can find more information on this mini-game on the official website here.



This is a pretty big update for Black Desert Console, coming in with class changes that moved from 100% Accuracy to 50%, nerfing every single class in the game that had the 100% Accuracy rates per their skills. According the Pearl Abyss, “The 100% accuracy skills are a very important part of PvP, but they have become too overbearing and nullify the effectiveness of evasion. These balance changes were aimed at classes that can use these skills in combination with overpowering combos that can give little chance for the opponent to play out the fight.”


As for Garmoth, the Dragon World Boss, he has been sighted, but will be coming in a later update. Most likely the next one – as stated by Pearl Abyss. Even though Drieghan is the newest region, it doesn’t require the top Gear Score like a lot of end game grind spots such as Aakman and Hystria. Most of the content can be done with around 200 AP, and can be great alternative grind spots than the Desert or Kamasylvia. A great example is fighting the Blood Wolves, which players grind for the new Ruin’s Ring – a hot accessory that players will be hunting for.


And if you’re a hardcore player with top tier gear, there’s a night time function that make the monsters a lot harder as well over at Sherekahn Necropolis. This will be the location to bring you the most silver.

With this also comes general fixes for the Valkyrie, Mystic, Ninja, Kunoichi, Musa, Maehwa, Sorceress, Tamer, and Striker. All which can be found on the official website here.


Players have been asking for optimization for months, and fixes for specific bugs. Though there doesn’t seem to be any mention of these bugs in these fixes, for example the Node Wars tower issues (sometimes players can’t damage other towers), at least content and even more fixes are coming into the game. A lot of fixes are coming into the game and Pearl Abyss is currently working on it. Drieghan is a pretty big update to Black Desert Console, and the game is catching up to the PC version rather quickly. With cross-play already enabled and players essentially playing together on the PS4 and XB1, one must wonder if there are any plans for the PC. What do you guys think? Let’s discuss it below.


Check out the video version below: