TERA Console Says No To Adventure Coin System

As we previously reported, TERA Console has had its fair share of teasers for the upcoming Awakening / Apex update. Lead Developer and Head of TERA Console, Tamura Koji, has cleared up some information on the Sarumonin.com Discord stating exactly when it’ll release and also brought to light something that players on Console have been asking ever since it was introduced to PC: Will Console Receive the Adventure Coin System? The short answer: No.


(Image provided by En Masse Entertainment)


The Adventure Coin system was first introduced on TERA PC back in 2019, with heavy criticism from the community. Though it helped with the Dungeon Cooldowns that some end-game dungeons have with limited entries per day, it also introduced a way for players to purchase even more coins – and essentially more runs through dungeons, for more gold, items, gear, etc. – through the Cash Shop. 


As for the date on the Awakening Update, though there isn’t a concrete day, it is set in stone that it will be releasing June 2020. The Lead Developer let the community know that due to the Coronavirus pandemic going around, there’s been a 40% reduction in work and thus has caused a delay. However, communication with Sony and Microsoft has already been completed, and the update should be good to go by June 6th – though in his words, “You should think that it will be updated on 6/17 or 6/25, if it’s late (delayed)”. So earliest would be June 9th and latest June 30th for NA/EU/JP. 


It has also been stated that the UI will be updated – as seen in the Skill Re-Organization videos (which will come with Apex as well) – the same day that Awakening releases. 


If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our questionnaire page where players from the TERA Console asked questions to the developer team, and got some interesting answers. You can check that out by clicking here. We recommend joining the Discord listed on that page so that you can see the full list of questions and answers, and have a chance to discuss about the game with the team working on it.