TERA Console Gets Its Long-Awaited Awakening Update on June 25th

KRAFTON Bluehole Studio has reached out to Sarumonin.com, and has clarified on one thing made on this post. Bahaar’s Sanctum is no longer to be expected to come with Awakening. The dungeon coming with the June 25th major update is Dark Reach Citadel. Specifically, Dark Reach Citadel Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Players should not expect the 7-Man version of the dungeon with this update.


TERA Console has been teased to death for its long awaited and, if I must be honest, the number one thing that players have asked for since release – Awakening, or Apex as some know it. Thanks to the team over at KRAFTON, we have an official date for TERA Console’s Awakening patch, and that is on June 25th. 



For players that are unaware of Awakening or Apex, the update brings a completely new skill-set to all classes, changing the entire style of how those classes work. In fact you can see all classes in action thanks to a video from PC, from user AngeloAtheross. 



This is a major update that players should expect in June, along with one of the much harder dungeons created, Bahaar’s Sanctum Dark Reach Citadel – as well as a brand new UI that you can see a preview of below:



A special thanks goes to Koji, the lead developer of TERA Console in KRAFTON Bluehole Studio, for being very communicative with the community, and alerting us of the entire process. From bugs, to the transparency behind PC coding and the issues that console gets often due to it. As always, we’re supporting TERA Console on the Sarumonin.com Discord so players can find a central place of information, communication and a location where they can commune and work together to help others. If you’re interested, you can head over to discord.gg/sarumonin


As stated, TERA Console’s Awakening Update is soon to hit the shelves, though players should keep in mind that the date posted is usually for SEA (South East Asia) and NA/EU/JP may get the update on the 22nd or the 29th of June.