Combat Multiplayer Game, ‘NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’, Reveals Gameplay Preview

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, an upcoming unchained multiplayer combat game currently in development by 24 Entertainment shows off parkour and how free their game’s map will be with their newest Free Movement trailer.



The game was originally announced back in December at the Game Awards in 2019, showing off mixture of Sekiro, Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden all mixed up into one little baby, this game. 


The game is set to offer a close-range and long-range combat style, in full multiplayer support coming to PC first, with no exact date stated just yet.



As is the norm in fashion, I reached out to the development team behind NARAKA: BLADEPOINT to ask if the game would be heading to consoles. According to the team:


“It‘s true that our game will be released on PC first. And now we are trying our best to bring it to other consoles, but at this moment we can’t tell an exact date.”


Soon we’ll be able to grapple-hook our away into victory, and see what weaponry lies throughout the lands of Morus.


The game features a boundless movement system that allows players to climb, hang, and even parkour. With an aim-at-whatever-you-want grappling hook and a sophisticated yet beginner-friendly combat system involving accessible block & parry mechanics, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is designed to provide a brand-new experience of melee combat and world exploration. Integrating Eastern aesthetics and philosophy, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT presents a forsaken realm of splendid landscapes as well as inexplicable enigmas.


For more information on NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, please visit:

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