Team 21 Studio Reveals PSVR MMORPG Ilysia

A new MMORPG seems to be arriving to the Playstation, and this time VR is included! Team 21 Studio is the team behind the upcoming PSVR MMORPG Ilysia. Bringing together elements of World Bosses, Dungeons, and exploration around the world. According to the studio’s website:

Ilysia is a VR MMORPG, players will travel along side one another as they quest and explore a multitude of unique areas. Each area contains area bosses, dungeons, caves, and large outdoor cities, all waiting to be explored. Ilysia allows players to explore each area without limits, player will be able to climb rocks and trees, as well as explore caves systems through free-climbing and spelunking. While exploring, players will discover secrets and treasures distinctive to each area, these treasures will include unique armors, weapons, and items that the player can then use or sell.

The world of Ilysia can be both beautiful and dangerous, luscious scenery and beautiful vistas are inhabited by the creatures and titans that roam the land as protectors of an ancient source of energy and power that comes from crystals found throughout the land.

Ilysia also features a Caravan System, each player will be given a personal space called a caravan that each player can customize and decorate with the many treasures found in Ilysia. The caravan will be used for player resting as well as a means of fast travel throughout the world of Ilysia and it’s many Kingdoms. Other players will also be able to visit your caravan to view the changes you have made, and maybe help to inspire them in customizing their own.

We hope to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon, we have fallen in love with this game that we have created, and we are very excited to share it with everyone. Look forward to Ilysia, out Spring 2020!

Since the release of the information for the game, the studio has released a Patreon to have players join in for specific rewards based on each Tier, at least until Kickstarter is out. For example, Gold-Level Patrons can talk to the developers in their ‘Tavern Talk’ sessions, which tends to include a lot of information that the game will bring, plus developmental updates, timelines, etc. The Patrons are brought in each month with a special build of the game (Only on PC right now) to hang out with the team and talk to them.

Here’s the latest Tavern Talk with Team 21 Studio:

I think the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the game will include Pay To Win, and according to the studio via their Discord

“…the in game shop with contain transmog armor, weapons, and mounts. Nothing pay to win, can’t buy in game money. And the transmog items will be account bound.”

Not much is known about this little gem, but we do know that there are talks of potential publishers, as well as a possible physical version of the game. Though it’s not clear whether or not the PSVR version will release first, what is clear is that there will be Crossplay between PSVR, PCVR and Oculus Quest. 

For more information about Ilysia, check out their official website here.