Swords of Legends Releasing Major Patch, Forbidden Court, November 18

Swords of Legends Online is releasing its major update, version 1.1, or formally known as Forbidden Court – as Gameforge puts it – on November 18th. Bringing a brand new area called The Floral Palace, which players should note is the home of the Fox race in-game, which begins to tell the story of the upcoming class the Foxmage, along with a continuation of the overall story. The patch will bring additional features and systems in the game, such as the 105 gear – which can be obtained through Sparkwood Gardens, a new 10-20 player raid which is set to release a week after on November 25th. Followed by Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace a couple of weeks later – if the content schedule of the past is anything to go by. 

Along with the new content drops of Raids coming with this patch, releases a new system called The Memory Box, which will allow players to replay dungeons such as Yemo City, Frostbitten Path, etc. in different challenging modes, in order to obtain endgame materials and items. This system is an optional way to earn Mysterious Parchments, Gear and even special items – if the other regions (China and Taiwan) releases are any indication, at least. 

Speaking of Floral Palace, for anyone interested, I’ve started up a 360° Photo Collection of Swords of Legends Online, using the Kuula.co service (an image hosting website for Virtual Reality tours), which you can check out right here.

There is a lot that’s coming to the game, and you can watch a quick synopsis of what players should expect out of this update and why exactly it’s so exciting, below: