Swords of Legends Online is Launching July 9th

Well we finally have an answer for Swords of Legends Onine‘s biggest mystery, that roamed their forums and discord, the release date. Gameforge announced earlier today on the Gameforge Launcher, Forums and Twitter, that Swords of Legends Online would be releasing on July 9th. It’s interesting, considering the game has just exited its Beta phase on the 8th of June. I don’t think it was expected for a launch one month later, well, plus a day. 


This is one MMORPG that all players that hate Pay-to-Win “mechanics” should look into, as their entire monetization system is built around cosmetics, with promises of no pay-to-win by the developers and publishers. If interested, you can purchase the game on Gameforge, Steam, and Epic Games (use creator code Sarumonin, if you wish!). Name reservation will take place just days before, for those that have preordered the game.

If you want to watch a video version for this article, with additional hints of when Name Reservation phase will be happening, check it out below: