Brand New Gaming Platform, Plus9 – Begins Its Subscription Beta

Plus9 is a brand new gaming platform and community for fans of Asian-developed games, brought together by Westgate Games, a team of industry veterans that have worked on studios such as En Masse Entertainment, KRAFTON, Riot Games, NCSoft and more, just to name a few. The platform is fairly simple to use, you can check out their official site here, and then download their launcher which will allow you to play amazing games like Tengami, Tales of the Neon Sea, Guilty Gear x2 #Reload, Synergia and more.


The team over at Plus9 have announced their Beta for their new subscription service called Game Club, which allows for players to play games free of charge for an optional subscription at a yearly cost, and simply by doing certain activities on the Plus9 community, which would allow for free Game Club time to be added to their account, extending their subscription. Westgate has been transparent on the fact that they want to fully support Developers, and are doing so by “taking 15% of revenue cuts from developers and publishers, so that the teams behind these games can get as much value as possible from their game sales.” 

• Desktop App Similar to other platforms like Steam or the Epic Game Store, Plus9 includes a desktop application that allows full access to web features as well as local game management.

• +NET The platform’s social news service that features Asian developed gaming news, developer and publisher communication and player created content. Players can also submit their own articles for publishing in the +NET Writers Program.

• Community The Plus9 community is a welcoming group of otaku focused on helping each other discover new games and content. Members join discussions on +NET, chat with other players and Plus9 staff on the dedicated Discord server and help support developers bringing their games West with Plus9.

• INTRODUCING Plus9 Game Club 14+ Titles Game Club is Plus9’s subscription game access service which provides full access to certain games from the Plus9 Shop, starting with 14 titles and with new titles joining the program from month to month.

• 30 Days Free All new Plus9 account signups receive a month of free membership. Players can extend their membership for a full year for only $49.99, or can complete Game Club Activities to earn additional free membership time.

• Game Your Way to Free Membership Time Members can complete Game Club Activities to extend their membership for free. New activities will be announced each month, which will be split into tiers depending on how much time and effort is necessary to complete them.

Plus9 has teamed up with to offer its community a total of 600 months of subscription time (200 codes for 3 months each!), as a welcoming bonus to try out the games, see if its a right fit for you and more. If you’re interested in a code to try out the Game Club, simply visit the Saru’s House Discord and go to the #giveaways section. As for a personal suggestion, maybe check out Nightmare (Incubo), which is a side scrolling platform games, with a semi-horror theme, that’s about a boy trapped in his nightmares trying to discover the truth about his story.