Intrepid Studios Shows Off Pre-Alpha Footage Of Its MMORPG, ‘Ashes of Creation’

Intrepid Studios has been hard at work to develop their upcoming, Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG, Ashes of Creation. The game was first shown to the world back in late 2016, promising a lot of features for a concept of a game, coming from then gamer and CEO, Steven Sharif. Steven had experience when it came to Pay-to-Win, as well as terrible game mechanics, using games like Archeage as an example of a title that had promise but ultimately went in an off direction. Sharif went to create Intrepid Studios, investing millions of his own money, to start this dream MMORPG of his that originally started as a Dungeons and Dragon world. 


The game broke records back in 2017, being the first MMO on Kickstarter to ever reach its campaign goal of $750,000 in a day and if that’s not impressive, within 32 days it managed to raise a total of $3,271,709. So clearly, players want a change, and they’re willing to pay for it.  



Of course, this didn’t come without criticism. The studio started to develop a quick battle-royale version, Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, for the purpose of testing server infrastructure and getting a feel of how the game would work. There was a lot of backlash due to this, but it seems it has paid off. The team behind the upcoming epic fantasy MMORPG, has announced Pre-Alpha Status as of this year. It was originally estimated that pre-alpha would be at the end of 2017, but it seems the time spent in development was well needed.


Earlier today the team showed off a 4K gameplay of the upcoming MMORPG, showing off what the game is currently looking like – and the community is indeed hungry for information. Sharif shared the video stating the following disclaimer however:


Glorious Fellow MMORPG Fans, We wanted to give you some solid and RAW uncut, gameplay footage in 4K of the Pre-Alpha MMO! Please keep in mind a FEW things as you watch; First and foremost, this IS pre-alpha footage and that means you will see many bugs, the game is still largely unpolished and not optimized since our primary focus is testing core systems and functionality. You will see mechanics implemented that are not intended design, this is purely for testing certain code (IE flagging, crafting, caravans, etc). Many things will change and Art/FX will get polished up before our Alpha One release late this year. Also, we may have cheated a little bit with some GM powers, in order to show you around a bit more during the playthrough 🙂 Verra is starting to come to life! Hope you enjoy!



Ashes of Creation has all of the potential in the world to become the next MMORPG to topple the entire industry. Being lead by someone who has been a gamer his entire life, and a team of industry veterans that all share AAA MMORPG gaming experience. Yes, I know that players want to know whether or not this will come to console. Luckily, back in 2017 and assuming this information has not yet changed, Sharif stated that the game would be first delivered on PC – making sure that the game is brought online in as great as shape as it could be – following a possible console port after. So, maybe? We’ll see. 


For more information on all things Ashes of Creation, I recommend using the website, as it is the most up-to-date and accurate wiki pertaining to all things Ashes of Creation.


However, for more information on Ashes of Creation officially, you can visit the links below:

Official Site | Official Twitter | Official Discord | Official YouTube