Black Desert Reveals New Class, ‘Hashashin’, Coming To Consoles First

Over the weekend, the team at Pearl Abyss had an event with players called the Heidel Ball, and during this time they spent time going over the event providing gifts to players around the globe, and essentially stay at home playing Black Desert while new information was provided, gameplay and even the news of a brand new upcoming class, the Hashashin – which would be coming to Consoles first. 


After a while, the team finally decided it was time to break the news about the upcoming class, stating its background story, abilities, play-styles and even the fact that it would be coming first to Consoles before it came out to PC versions. Players can find the livestream detailing this on but, the exact news piece from the livestream is in the video below if readers are interested in seeing exactly what the developer giant stated:

So things are looking up in the world of Black Desert, after months of issues with bugs and optimization, lately the team has been on point with making sure that the game is in a state that players can finally enjoy the game on the PS4 and XB1. Though it still needs a bit more work, it has gone through significant positive changes to make the game an enjoyable one to play. The Hashashin coming to consoles first was a surprise, and that didn’t come without its backlash from the PC community being up in arms for this, but it’s cool to see that consoles are getting a bit of love when it comes to limited time exclusives.