Elyon Releases New Class, The Slayer

Earlier today, my friends over at Bluehole Studio showcased the newest class hitting the upcoming MMORPG Elyon, the Slayer. Posting the information on YouTube through an unlisted link, and then shortly on Twitter linking the video, it shows an entirely new class that demolishes all foes.

The team state in the video description:

“It’s Raining Blood with the Slayer, a new class released in Korea. The Slayer will shed his own blood to bring down his enemies. Elyon is a new MMORPG from the creators of Tera. Set in a world of magical technology and unlimited potential, Elyon has its player compete in fierce faction wars, take on challenging group combat, and features advanced character build options. In Elyon, no two characters will be the same as players navigate a world full of discovery and uncover the lore behind a mystical world.”

No information is yet available as to whether or not Elyon will be hitting consoles, but all signs point to a very strong possibility after their successful launch and release of TERA on current and next generation consoles. 

You can learn more about Elyon, which is set to release later this year in 2021, on their official website here