Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror Game, Level Zero, Coming 2023

 Publisher Tinybuild and developer DogHowl Games have announced the release of their upcoming asymmetrical sci-fi horror action game, Level Zero, for 2023. No month has been indicated as of yet, but the game will be hitting PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

In Level Zero, light is life. Four players take on the role of a team of human scientists, scrambling to action as the power fails in their research facility. To stand any chance at survival, they must repair the base’s power systems, or be consumed by the nightmares lurking in the shadows. The science team must coordinate and communicate to search for vital tools, failing fuse panels and vital sources of light such as flares and glowsticks. Guns won’t help against the threat they face – will anyone survive this dark day?

Players that are fans of games such as Dead by Daylight, or even the iconic Evolve – or if you’re into more indie sort of games, then perhaps Deceit – will be delighted to hear that the game, which is currently available to Wishlist for Steam, will be opening a Beta test later this year.

In the game, the year is 2058 and a group of researchers from the “New Horizons” corporation are on a long-awaited space expedition to explore the dark and unknown corners of the universe. However, what they find is not exactly what they had hoped for, as their newfound voyage begins to yield unparalleled horrors.

Level Zero will be releasing on PC, PlayStation and Xbox in 2023, and currently has an available sign-up form for the upcoming Beta on all three platforms. For those interested, they can simply visit this link, which will take them to the official site.