A Gothic Romance (2011 Revision)

Damien thinks he met the girl of his dreams when he gets sent to the office for offending his teacher. But what he doesn't know is the background story beneath the crumbling earth he calls reality. Originally released in 2007.

This short story is now available for free on Sarumonin.com, as the writing, structure, and overall design of the story is that of a teenager (which is the age of when this story was written), and no longer represents the writing style of David Angel in his current writing. It is free to view and read here, to showcase the beginnings of David Angel's story and world building. All writings in this page are copyrighted by David Angel.

Reading Time: 33 minutes


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Inspired By Real Life Events In My Life

“If you thought I was normal, and that I led a normal life,  you were completely wrong.”

Chapter 1: Shrouded By A Mortal Goddess

I awoke from deep slumber that endured the dark night; I needed to get ready for school, all this rage in me would burn in soon enough. I wore my chain with a gothic medallion, my black-eyeliner thin, my black-nail polish, my black shirt with a red upside-down pentagram and my black jeans with chains and baby pins around it. I was at last ready; it was a beautiful day, foggy, dark, and very humid and dead outside. I put on my black sweater, with my black backpack, and of course, my iPod, full of Dark Wave and Gothic Rock music.

I started walking towards the school, knowing full well what the day would bring. I was sure to be the only “freak” in this school. As I entered the school, a splash of preps came unto me with every stare in the book. They moved quickly to a locker near them, I was walking on abandoned ground, the best part of the day. I walked into class, again with the stares, as if someone died. “Excuse me ma’am, you’re wearing over-excessive jewelry” said the teacher, I always forgot the name to.

Funny thing was, I had a necklace on, and a chain on my jeans, that’s it, oh and of course, my lip ring. “First of all, I’m a guy, douche, second, I’m wearing two things that are— it’s not even jewelry” so I said. “Pardon me!? What did you call me?” he said back. “Ew, its talking to me, look, I don’t know about you, but I’m a guy.” I replied. “TO THE OFFICE, YOUNG MAN!” the teacher demanded. “OH SO NOW, I’M A GUY? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!” so I said while walking  out of class. I always got into the most stupid arguments with teachers.

Of course, I head murmurs, and the word “freak”, it didn’t really interest me. While walking towards the office, I caught a glimpse of a girl, Goth too, well not to stereotype, but I couldn’t really tell. She too, was in the office, “Um, yeah, some teacher, I forget the name to, short, bald, really bad attitude, sent me, yeah him” I told the secretary person. “Mr. Dumbhulwier?” she asked. “Sure” I replied. I sat next to the girl, “Hey, I’m Delilah” she said. “Hey. Damien” I replied.

I saw that she blushed, pale-white skin, with green eyes, lips red with symmetry. The pink brought life on her cheeks. My heart was pounding, hard, I was afraid she’d hear it. “Mr. Thorne! In My Office! Now!” the principle yelled out. “Alright, here I go again, chill man, not the end of the world” I said. “Though I wish it were” I murmured. “What was that!?” the principle yelled. “I said, I like your door?” I couldn’t say anything “suicidal” near him; I’d have to go to counseling, again.


Hours later, so it seemed, I was given detention, not like I would attend. Delilah was there, “Hey you, how’d it go?” she asked me. “Eh, morbid as usual” I said back. She looked at me as if she was in love, “Oh My Fucking God”—“Excuse Me?! This is the office!” the secretary said. “Anyways, you say morbid too?” she asked me, ignoring the secretary. “All my life”, I said with doubt.


“Want me to wait for you, while your meeting ends?” I asked her. “Sure” she said while blushing. Few minutes later, she came out in tears, “Are you okay? I’m sure whatever the old geezer said wasn’t that ba”—“My parents were in a car accident” she interrupted me, and hugged me right away. I felt warm inside, and smiled. For the longest of time, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to smile.


“Can we leave please?” she alarmed me, “Come with me?” she insisted. “Um, sure?” I replied with a weird feeling, I knew something was going to happen next. We walked out of school, while some kids were commenting on how “we” looked, I’d almost forgotten, she was like me.

“I was rejected, hated, and unwanted, it was miracle, right when I was standing a  broken door, that I’d find someone like me” 

Chapter 2: A Broken Door Fixed By Her Key


“Hey, how come, I’ve never seen you school before? I mean, I’ve seen a lot of norms, I would’ve notice—“Ha ha, yeah, I agree, and I don’t know, I haven’t seen you before either” she interrupted. I felt weird near her, a feeling I hadn’t felt in a really long time, what was it? “Do you mind if I bring a friend of mine? She’s in the portables” she asked me. “Sure? This is your idea, ‘member?” I said. There was something weird about Delilah, I couldn’t explain it.

We walked on the icy ground, where we encountered a girl with dirty- blond hair, her hair was straightened. She was pale-white, a lip ring on the left side of her lip, like Delilah, and a nose ring on the right side. “Hey Kat, I thought you’d be in class” Delilah questioned, of course she was wrong, but I stayed quiet. “Ha, hey D, are you skipping?” the girl asked Delilah. “Yeah, oh yeah, I almost forgot, this is Damien; Damien, Katrina; Katrina, Damien.” Delilah introduced us to each other. “Hey” we both said at the same time. “We were going to come and get you to skip with us” Delilah told Katrina.

“Can I still come?” Kat asked. We nodded a yes, although I still didn’t know where we were going. All I knew was, I just met this girl, and we were standing in the middle of a parking lot, where it was freezing cold. “Um, yeah, can we go now? These stares are getting on my nerves” I indicated. “Yeah, agreed” they both said.

We started walking towards the bus stop. While waiting for the bus, Katrina and Delilah started talking, I didn’t really have any interest in the subject. They were talking about some guy, called Dylan; I didn’t really pay any attention. I put on my iPod and started listening to “Her Ghost In The Fog”; I thought it was appropriate in this climate.

At last the bus came, we went on it, used our bus passes, and sat in the back. “Hey, just wondering, where are we going? Are we going to the hospital, or a club, or what?” I kept asking. “You’ll see when we get there” Delilah answered in a worried voice. I kept asking myself where we were going. “Is it a long ride?” I asked, “A bit” Katrina answered with a smile.

I took out my black book that was hiding behind my binder in my backpack; well it wasn’t really a backpack, more like a side bag. I took out a pen and started writing like crazy. “Hey, watcha writing?” Delilah asked, while Katrina tried to look at what I was writing. “Poems” I said slowly, while writing.

“Oh my god, you write poems? Shit! I said God!” Delilah randomly said. I noticed an Anarchy necklace that she was wearing; I could only assume that she was an anarchist. “Yeah, I do” I said. “Hey D, he’s perfect, huh? Huh?” Katrina told Delilah while nudging her. “Don’t be a fuck face” Delilah fought back and punched her arm.

“We’re here” Delilah announced, we rang the bell of the bus, and got off. All I saw was a library place, I was confused. We went in, I gave a puzzled look to Katrina, and she shrugged. Delilah went to the back, “Can we go in?” she asked. Even more confused, ’cause I saw no door, or who she was talking to. “Sure” a manly voice said who I couldn’t see. The bookshelf opened and inside was a café, with a lot of Goths. “Whoa…” I said nervously, yet excited.

Finally, there were people like me, and I couldn’t believe it, I thought to be alone for the rest of my life.

“Like ravens in Fugue, ripped my damned heart from my soul, I was sure to die, yet I braved a nightly rite of Sodom, and withered endlessly.”

Chapter 3:  A Succumbed Obsession


I thought it was awesome that I found a place to hang out, and meet other people like me, but I thought we should’ve checked on how Delilah’s parents were, she looked like she didn’t care, but the tone of her voice said otherwise, maybe this was her place to de-stress. “Babylon AD” was playing in the lounge, the song that attracted me to the band, Cradle Of Filth.

A guy came up to me, he had green hair, I presumed dyed, a collar, trench coat, and a Behemoth shirt. “Hey, I’m Jan” the guy introduced himself to me, he seemed nice. “Hey, I’m Damien” I replied. I saw Delilah talking to some guy; I couldn’t really see his face. His hair covered his eyes, and pretty much all of his face. He was wearing skinny black jeans, and a “30 Seconds To Mars” shirt. “Hey Jan, um, who’s that guy Delilah’s talking to?” I asked nervously and anxiously. He was standing next to some guy with long hair, thick eyeliner, like Jan’s; a glamour Goth to say the least. “Oh, that’s Dylan, Jake’s Brother.” Jan answered. “And who’s Jake, the guy next to him?” I asked anxiously, he nodded a yes.

I wanted to introduce myself to Dylan and Jake, but I was a bit afraid of that Jake dude. He seemed serious, I was giving nervous looks, and Katrina noticed it. “Ha, ha, it’s okay, he won’t bite… much…ha ha ha” Katrina said, trying to “calm” me down. “Yeah, thanks, that helps a bunch” I said to he sarcastically. She gave me a confused look; I remembered that Delilah and Katrina were talking about some Dylan kid maybe that was him. Maybe Delilah and Katrina like him, I didn’t know why I was worrying so much, and I felt some weird attraction towards Delilah.

What if I liked her? Damn! I turned around and looked even more nervous, I was more confused than ever. I didn’t know what to do, did I really like Delilah? I glanced at her, and turned back around quickly, I knew Katrina noticed. She started giggling, I didn’t know why; maybe she knew I liked Delilah “Wow! You’re either really quiet or you think a lot” Katrina said to me, while giggling. “Why do you keep laughing?” I asked hastily, “I know you like Delilah” she said softly my ear, but quickly.

Did I really like her? I mean I’ve liked girls before, but I felt weird around Delilah. A feeling I’d never felt before. The loud music contained the conversation between me and Katrina silent. “I don’t like Delilah, or do I?” I sounded lost, “I don’t know” I said afterwards. I was sweating and really worried, “You like her, I noticed how happy you are with her, and vice-versa. She’s probably telling Dylan all about you” Katrina said to me.

Did Delilah like me? If I wasn’t as stupid as a pencil, I’d probably know. Does this mean I have a chance with her— no! What am I thinking; she probably doesn’t even like me. “I’m so confused; my mind is fighting back and forth…” I said wearied out. “She likes you, believe me, I’ve been friends with her long enough to know she does, But it’s the first time someone tells me that they like her” she said. “I never said I liked her, or maybe, I don’t know” I seemed really confused which I was.

“Believe me, you do” she insisted. All of the sudden, I had to know everything about her, her last name, her favorite bands, everything.

Some may call it an obsession, I guess I did like her…a lot; “Yeah, I guess you’re right” I looked down, with a smile. First thing I’d do is add her on MSN, look for her Facebook, Myspace, everything, and find out all I could about her. I saw that Delilah looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, and I was the happiest person at that very moment.

“With my heart beating like a war-drum, beat by a spell of porcelain skin, eyes of aquamarine, lips in symmetry, lured me to thee, like Death to me…”

Chapter 4: A Gothic Romance In A Moment’s Time


Dylan started walking towards me, I felt nervous, and I wasn’t really a people person. “Hey, man, I’m Dylan. You’re Damien right?” he asked me, then glanced at Delilah. “Yeah, yeah I am” I answered nervously. I looked at Delilah once more; she was looking back at me, talking to Katrina. I was wondering what they were talking about, what is Katrina was telling her that I liked her? I looked even more nervous, I sat on the nearest chair, and put my hands on my face, I wanted to scream, I felt pressured and not, at the same time.

Delilah sat in front of me, I looked through my covered face, I wanted to scream, she knew, I could tell. “Watcha doing?” she asked, there was no point, I wanted to tell her, but what if she didn’t like me, what if Katrina was wrong. Dylan was confused, ’cause I ditched him, he went to talk to Jake, his older brother. “Delilah, I want to tell you something, but I don’t know…” I said with a sigh, ending the sentence. She looked at me, interested in what I had to say. “Okay, here it goes, Delilah, I really li—“Hey! We have to go, the library’s closing.

Whew, that gave me time to tell her. “Sorry, what were you saying? You really what?” she asked me. “Um, I really need a glass of water, heh…heh…” I slowly answered. She mouthed, “okay”, and looked confused, I had to tell her, it was driving me insane. As she stood up, the moment finished, I sighed and looked the other way. I felt so alone, I needed to be with her, this darkness in me; I had to make it feel like home.

We went outside, Katrina and Delilah were talking to each other, I looked down and sighed. Delilah looked back at me, and smiled. I smiled back. The night combined with the snow, was freezing. I wanted to kiss her so badly, right then and there, I never felt this way about anyone else. We stood on the bus stop, waiting for the bus once again. I leaned on the glass with the advertisements, Katrina was talking to Delilah.

Delilah came in front of me, and blocked me from escaping; she had her arms evenly spread out from my head. Her legs were in the same position; I was nervous, as usual. She said “Hey you” and kissed me. “Her dead lips on mine, with her icy kiss that fevered my neck, from grace I had fallen in love with her”, I thought at that exact moment, we exchanged life. I stopped her from going on; she curled her lis, and bit her lower lip, kissed me once more and left to talk to Katrina. “Jade-woodland eyes, what spell didst thou cast on me? My heart raced ‘neath the bloodletting moon, a phantomed feeling that procured mine desire”. A poetic thought, I would later write in my book.

I was in shock, the bus came. I was still in shock, Katrina dragged me, “c’mon it wasn’t that good” she said while grabbing my arm. She dragged me into the bus, where I showed my bus pass to the driver, and went to sit in the back. I sat in the left, Katrina in the middle, and Delilah on the right side. “Okay, so how are we going to do this? You guys want to go out with each other, right?” Katrina randomly announced. Delilah and I looked at each other, we both shrugged. I knew that after the moment she had kissed me, I would be a different person. It was as if some kind of drug went into my system. Her kiss lit up my life; I was excited but decided not to show it. All I knew was, I was falling in love with Delilah, and Katrina was helping us get together.

“My heart reeled with grave poetry, thy ardent caress came much more than mine soul could endure, thine fragrant kiss, bedeviled mine lip, where in vain, would fault sin towards death.”

Chapter 5: The Poison Nectar Within My Lips Cast


Sparkling grey rain fell, with the snow combined. I knew that I had to be with Delilah, I was willing to give up everything I had, if it meant being with her. Katrina got up, and sat next to Delilah and Delilah next to me. She grabbed my hand, and softly clasped it together with hers; I looked at the creation of the joining.

We looked at each other and smiled. I leaned in towards her, and she finished the passage. She leaned in as well, and laid her cold wet lips on mine to dry. Her tongue entered my mouth, where we intrigued love. I released my lips from hers, and she gasped for breath, as I dawned towards her neck. I bit her neck, and she gave an orgasmic look, Katrina giggling, trying not to. I went back to her lips, and kissed her lower lip, and stopped slowly.

Luckily, I sharpened my fangs the night before. I left impressing two bite marks on her neck. She curled her lips and bit her lower lip, “So I’ll take that as a yes, okay, so you’re officially a couple when Damien says the three words, and I don’t mean “I Love You”” Katrina said smiling. I looked at Delilah, while she gasped for breath, held her hand, and asked “Do you want to go out with me?” I suppose that Katrina meant “Wanna go out?” for the three words. While biting her lower lip, she nodded a yes.

In my mind, I yelled “YES!” but outside, I just smiled and hugged her. I didn’t want to ruin the moment, but Delilah’s parents were still on my mind, I wanted to know if they were okay, and I thought Delilah did too. “Delilah, um, don’t you think, we should check on your parents?” I asked her slowly.

“Oh shit! I almost forgot about them, Oh my God, we should go to the hospital, well me, do you want to come? Please?” she insisted on I going with her, at that moment, I never wanted to leave her side, love was striking my heart. I said “yes”, of course. “Kat, wanna come?”, Delilah asked Katrina. “Eh, I don’t know, it’ll be late when we leave, I don— “You can sleep over my house, hey! You both can, my parents won’t be there” Delilah stopped Katrina from going on. I couldn’t believe she had said that, it seemed like she didn’t really care about her parents. “Fine…” Katrina said while sighing.

“I think this bus takes us to the hospital, let’s hope” Delilah announced, while looking out the window. I was mesmerized by her eyes, every time I looked at her eyes; I had fallen in love all over again. It was as if someone had put a spell on me, I noticed that she blushed every time she looked at me, like before, the pink brought life to her pale-white cheeks.

A couple of minutes later, we arrived behind the hospital, where we got off. Delilah and I got off holding hands, I felt so comfortable near her. I felt I could tell her anything, and trust her, completely. We started walking towards the hospital, which was a couple of blocks away, although it seemed close from the bus. We walked through the blizzardous snow, where warmth was getting close. I felt that Delilah was shivering, I casted my arm around her, and held her close to me. I could tell she was warming up. I felt bad for Katrina, probably really cold. I looked at Delilah and signaled her to Katrina.

Finally we had arrived at the hospital, where we warmed up first, and sat down for a couple of minutes. We got up a moment later, and went to the receptionist, and asked for Delilah’s parents.

“Dark clouds had come up, where despair with us had fated a common vision, I heard thy name through a hole in time, where I couldn’t find you, my sadness had shined.”


Chapter 6: A Labyrinthine in My Heart Where Time Had Stopped


Démonstré, was the family’s last name, I liked it, it was better than mine, Thorne. The room was on the third floor, room 349. We got on the blue-lit elevator; I noticed Delilah was nervous and upset. We arrived; I stood outside, leaning on the wall near the elevator. Delilah walked in slowly, weeping and broken inside. “Wow, its bad…I hope they’re okay” Katrina softly said to me, “Yeah…” I said with a frown.

Delilah came out a few minutes later, her mascara had run, I rushed to hug her. “Do you want me to stay here tonight? I’ll stay with you, if you want” I told Delilah, trying to calm her down. “No, it’s okay, we’ll go to my house, ‘kay?” Delilah sighed while telling us. It walked a feeling of sorrow into me, it was 11 o’clock, since I had school tomorrow and Delilah did too, I didn’t really feel like going, either way, I barely went to class. If Delilah was going to stay home, I was sure to be with her as long as it took till she got better. “You guys want to get something to eat? I think this place’s café is closed” I asked both of them.

“No, we’ll eat at my place” Delilah quickly answered, we walked out of the hospital, waiting for the bus, for the last time. Katrina stood next to Delilah, trying to calm her down. I would’ve done something, but it probably would have ruined it or made it worse. The bus came; we showed our bus passes and sat in the back. I took out my black book, and started writing all the poems I had in me, from the kiss, to this very  moment.

“On this cold winter night, where pearled Luna and I clung in the bloodletting moonlight, sweet voices and phantomed whispers spoke in mine ear, the pale-azure dawn, tore me from my sleep, tainted dreams had nethered a blind abyss, where the curse of mine unrest, scoured the ashened dress, broke storms with fatigued clouds, now screams haunt my sleep, with feverous doubts, ends her cob wedded dress, with drapery of the dead, entered her morbid caress.” That was the last poem I wrote before closing the book, Katrina stared at me with amazement.

We had arrived at Delilah’s house; it was a couple of blocks away. The snow slowed down its speed, which was better for us, we wouldn’t get sick. Her house was pretty big, black on the outside, with a creaky door. Delilah stood in front of the door, reached inside her right pocket and took out some keys. She opened the door, where I caught a glimpse of lighted candles, at that very moment, I loved her more.

“Make yourselves comfortable” she announced to us. Behind of the black creaky door, were some red stairs, with black thick paint on the side. Her whole house was the very meaning of “Gothic”, I loved it. “I’ll be right back” Delilah said to us.

I sat on the couch, in front of the lit fireplace. Katrina sat next to me, and smiled. I felt confused, for some reason, I’ve been in that school for two years now, and it’s the first time I meet Delilah or Katrina. It’s the first time I see people like me in that school, “Hey, Kat, um, who else goes to our school that are like, um, well like us?” I asked Katrina anxiously. “Everyone at the café”, she answered hastily.

I felt like I’ve been gone from the real world for so long, I would’ve noticed them, at least just one of them. There was a whole room full of “Outcasts”, I would’ve seen them in school immediately. Something weird was going on, or maybe I didn’t really pay any attention to people like me, and paid more attention on how to freak out “norms”.

“The pale waning moon, cast a silhouette, unveiling a nocturnal pulse, I had cherished thee, attest, and hasten, I knew that thou was fate, and mine was death, like in Eden, Eve had covered thine soul with a shadowed cape.”

Chapter 7: Suffused With A Mistress Of The Dark


Delilah came back; she brought some bed sheets and pillows with her. She sat on the couch in front of us, near the fireplace. She put in more wood into the fire, brightening up the whole room. I sat next to her, and caressed her arm, to make her feel better. She brought a couple of drinks with her as well, Absinthe, Zambuka, Vodka, and a lot more.

With them, were three little glass cups used for drinking, I knew we weren’t going to go to school tomorrow now, after tonight, I probably wouldn’t wake up, even if a fire occurred. Delilah sat the pillows and bed sheets next to Katrina, and smiled.

“Alright, first we need some music” Delilah announced, she got up and put on some Gothic Rock, by Evanescence, Cradle of Filth, Gothminister, and a lot more bands. It was the café, all over again. Delilah sat next to me again, and said “Let the party begin!” she started pouring drinks, combining them, all in the little glass cups. I received one by Delilah, and she gave one to Katrina too. “To us! The three amigos!” Delilah declared. We clang the glass, and drank up the  drinks fast.

We kept drinking, until I got drunk a couple minutes later. Delilah and I got up, and started dancing; she got in front of me, and put her arms up, while going down and laughed. I reached with my face, towards her neck, and kissed her. She giggled, turned around, and shined her lips on mine. Katrina was falling asleep, but Delilah and I stayed up late. She grabbed her hair, and pulled it back, “#1 Crush” by a Garbage  was playing, it set the mood, while we kept kissing. She grabbed my arm, and dragged me upstairs, to her room.

She pushed me on her bed, and took off her shirt. She got on the bed slowly, coming towards me, and slowly took off my shirt. “shh, shh, shh” she said and giggled, she grabbed my wrists and handcuffed them to the bed posts. She put a blind fold on me, and started kissing me, “the safe word is Luna”, she whispered in my ear.

I felt a sharp pain object cutting my arms, and I felt her lips on my wrists, sucking the blood. “You’ve been a good boy, now I’ll let you loose” she said while laughing. I heard the unlocking of the handcuffs. I immediately took of my blindfold, and found her on top of me. I gently pushed her head towards my face, and started to kiss her. I noticed my arms and wrists had some cuts on them. I took off her bra, slowly, and started kissing her breasts, reaching up to her neck, I heard orgasmic sighs. I sat up, and her black nails scratched my back for pleasure. I pushed forward, to increase a bewitched eclipse; she quickly reached towards my neck, and bit it hard with the fangs she’d sharpened. I felt the blood coming out, I’d let out a big sigh let loose. I opened my eyes, with a sharp pain, and tried to get her off. I pushed her back, and saw her face was defaced and twisted, her fangs had blood on the tips, she dashed towards me, yelling.

I woke up, quickly I started checking my neck for holes. It was a nightmare, whew, the thing was, I was on Delilah’s bed, and she was right next to me. “Could what had happened in my dream, actually happened?” I kept asking myself, I didn’t have any bite marks or cuts on my arms or wrists. I went to the washroom, hastily, and checked my back, there were no scratches. “It was so real, I felt the pleasure, the pain…” I whispered to myself. I looked down at the sink, and splashed the water on my face. I stayed there a couple of seconds, looked up, and saw Delilah’s face, bloody and pale, with scratches all over her body, it was in the mirror.

I woke up, gasping for air, I was on the couch downstairs, weird fucking nightmare, I thought to myself. I saw Katrina and Delilah on separate couches, sleeping peacefully; it was 9 o’clock in the morning.

“I sought her tempting fate between her wrist and a razor, beneath a stature of our savior, bleeding and ascending a deep sigh, her scarlet tears had run, she was wreathed in a gown for the dead, she made a sin and severed mine heaven, I caught a glimpse for a vengeful grace, and now her twisted fate, had laid betrayed.”

Chapter 8: The Devil On Our Wrists


I stood up, with a major headache. I went to the washroom, and washed my face, I got my head up slowly, after the nightmare I just had, and I looked at my reflection. I felt a sharp pain on my wrists, I checked it out. I started gasping; there were cuts on them, along with dried blood.

I sat on the toilet, wondering how they got there. There were cuts on my arms too. I didn’t want to, but I checked my back…no scratches. Now I was confused, “what the hell happened last night?” I asked myself. I went to the living room again, where Katrina and Delilah were sleeping, I noticed something red on Delilah’s wrists; I went to check it out. Her wrists and arms were cut too, Katrina slowly woke up, “eh, mmm, ugh…hey” she said while getting up. I saw on cuts on her arms and wrists too, I was lost, I knew what happened last night; we drank, then…

“We cast our lives for thee lord, we sacrifice our blood for thee…” I heard in soft whispers. Slash, ha ha ha, we shall drink, woo! This is better than vodka. I shook my head, I was confused. “Wait a minute!” I looked at my arm again, there was a star carved on it. I closed my eyes hard, and opened them again, “Oh My God! What is this?!” I heard Katrina yell from the bathroom. She came running to me and showed me her wrists and arms; there were the same as mine. We’ll carve stars so we can know who we are. I shook my head again; I kept hearing voices and whispers.

The curtains were closed, which was good, ’cause I would’ve gotten a major migraine from the sun, I think we all would have. I kept wondering to myself what happened last night. “Hey Kat, you remember what happened last night? How did we get these cuts?” I asked sadly, she was crying and shrugged.

Delilah woke up; I immediately asked her “What happened last night?” “hmm, why? Ow! What the—?” she looked at her wrists and arms, cut too, same as me and Katrina’s. “I can’t go to school like this, I have to wait till it heals, I’ll be made fun of, more than I am now” Katrina said, “agreed” me and Delilah said at the same time. This isn’t sharp enough; let’s use this x-acto knife. I sat down, confused and wondering what the hell happened last night.

“Can I use your shower; I need some really cold water, right about now.” I asked Delilah, “Sure” she answered quickly, “Its upstairs, second door on the left” she said afterwards. I quickly went upstairs, got in the bathroom, and locked myself inside. I was really confused, and really lost. I took off my clothes and went inside the tub; I opened the valve for the cold water, and showered fast. I sat down in the tub, while the cold water fell on me. I looked and stared at my wrists. The water irritating them, yet I still left them the same. I scratched the dried blood off, causing more blood to come out. The bleeding kept flowing, and flowing and the waters let it from staying in one place.

Finally, the bleeding stopped, which solved one problem.

Here put some salt on it, heh heh heh.

I splashed the cold water on my face, got up and turned off the water. I dried off with some towel I found, and got dressed in the washroom. I looked so weird without eyeliner, I hated how I looked. I felt disgusted every time I saw my reflection. I went downstairs “Hey, I used this towel, hope you don’t mind” I said to Delilah. “You’re lucky, that one’s unused” she replied. “I don’t think I’m gonna go to school today, are you”. I felt really weird to these two, something weird was going on, and I was willing to find out what it was exactly.

“Her feline lure, led me to an erotic, laden fantasy, where she had lulled me from a rich masquerade, the pale azure dawn, sublimed the dying phantom trees, now drunk on red wine, we met ashened and fatigued, where we made love in a cemetery, tainted nightmares, haunted my sleep, along with deep stained pain, that flaunted mine punishment to seep.”

Chapter 9: Enshadowed Wit The Cruel Daylights Upon My Skin


Something really weird was happening, and I was willing to do anything to figure it out. “Hey, I’ll be back in a sec” I said, while walking outside. I took out a cigarette and a lighter, and began to relax. I noticed I was standing between a shadow and the light, I felt without eyeliner on, I could almost say I “needed” it. Some kids, fifth graders, walked by, thinking they were Goth, yeah right, “Scene Kids” I murmured. I saw them mouthing the word “Emo”, if I didn’t have this headache, I would’ve killed them. I gave them a dirty look, and they looked scared. I finished my cigarette and threw it on the floor, and I crushed it with my right foot.

I went back inside, leaving the daylight outside, “Ugh, its so fucking light outside today” I announced. Katrina giggled with Delilah, “I’m serious” I said. “So do any of you know how we got these cuts?” I asked them both, while sitting on a chair near them. They shook their heads, all I knew was my arm was irritated and felt like it was burning. “I’m a go take a shower, I’ll be back soon” Delilah said to us, while going up the stairs. “We’re going to a cemetery tonight, did you know? With a couple of friends” Katrina said, I looked puzzled. “Whatever” I said and laid down, I began to slowly close my eyes.

You’ve been a good boy; I’ll let you loose, heh heh heh. Slash! Your blood is so pure, hmm.

“Hello, Damien! I’m Talking to You!” Delilah yelled, I closed my eyes hard, and released them from the hold. “Hmm, what?” I asked her. “It’s 10 in the night dude, c’mon! We’re going to the cemetery”, she replied. “What? its 10? It was 11 a.m. just a couple minutes ago” I said confused, “Dude, you’ve been sleeping for a long time” Katrina said. I got up and said “Alright, let’s go”.

Wow, I couldn’t believe I fell asleep, and slept that long, last think I remember of my dream was…Your blood is pure, hmm. It was really dark out, just as I liked it. We took the downtown bus, and sat in the back, as always. My cell phone rang “Hello?” I said, “What this hell is this? I’ve called for hours, where are you?!” it was my mom; “With some friends, ugh, I’ll call you back” I immediately turned off the phone. We got off the bus; it let us off near some buildings. It was the closest we could get to, for the cemetery. We started walking; it was humid outside, very foggy, and a bit warm. I hooked arms with Katrina, and held hands with Delilah, while walking.

It was a few meters away, I could see the entrance. The gate was creaky, I guess to scare away, and the tombstones on the snow were pure beautiful scenery. We were close, but I wasn’t in any rush, and neither were they, so it seemed. We arrived at the gated door, “We’re here” Delilah announced. We opened the gated door, and got in.

I gave a puzzled look to Katrina, and she shrugged. We went in and walked towards a path of stones, I saw some smoke, I had a weird feeling about this. I looked back, and saw all the fog; I could barely see the gates, or the tombstones. Although, it was 12 a.m. foggy, and it was a complete turn-on for me, I felt like something strange was about to happen, and when I got that feeling, it usually turned out right. Like before, I said I had a weird feeling about Delilah, and had a weird dream and woke up with cuts on my arms.

I saw two girls sitting on some log, with a fire- et in front of them; the weird thing was the fire was in the middle of a pentagram.

“A chilled earth began it chimes, a snowfall like a ghost haunting me, it bed wedded a dream come true, under etched glass, making love to the beautiful dead, in gothic chambers, laid the razor, that committed a sinful crime, causing another’s scream to resound, it twisted fate in a dementia, of reigns of pleasure, with night waned mirrors.”

Chapter 10: Kindred Spirits In Dark Re-Grasps


“Hey Sara, Kelley” Delilah said to the two girls, they waved back as a response. I looked around, the fire lit up most of the space, especially the pentagram it was sitting on, and I acted as if nothing was wrong. The two girls got up and introduced themselves, “Hey, I’m Sara Lee” the first girl said to me, “I’m Kelly” the other girl said afterwards. I noticed they had the same cuts as us three, I was suspecting something. “Not to sound weird or anything, but um, why the pentagram?” I asked anxiously, “You’ll see” Delilah said back. Sara grinned at me, along with Kelly, “We know you’ve practiced before, are we wrong?” Sara asked me, “Um, maybe, why?” I replied with a question, wanting to know what was going on. Sara moved near the fire, along with the other girls, I caught a glance that they were standing on the tips of the pentagram.

“I’m assuming, you want me to get on there, right? Well I’m not, I lost  a friend to this, I won’t again”, I said immediately and turned around. “You’ve been chosen; You, Delilah, Kelly, Katrina and I have become high-priestess”, Sara said. I looked up at the stars, covering the blackened sky, “Fine, but just this once” I said with a sigh. I stood on the tip, next to Delilah, the top tip was Sara Lee, the bottom left were Katrina and Kelly, and the bottom right, me and Delilah. Sara Lee started chanting words I had read in the “Book of Worm”, I knew immediately this wasn’t good magic.

Sara looked up and chanted louder, the others silently joined in, “Ia, Ia Lecrus Ftghn, Sacrem, Morte, Lecrum” that was most of what I understood. Something weird was happening with the fire, it started to turn blue and violet, I couldn’t move, it was as almost as if my body was paralyzed. I looked at Sara Lee, and she looked down, her eyes were completely black, she looked at the fire, it too turned black.

Black sparks stayed in the air, creating some ripped paper effect; it went inside Katrina and Kelly. This time it came to me and Delilah…

Your blood is pure, 
hmm. I knew whose voice it was! It was…

I opened my eyes, I must’ve been knocked out, I sat up, we were in the same cemetery, but the fire was out and our feet created an upside- down pentagram. I stood up, and sat on the log, it was foggy and white outside, and you couldn’t see any daylight. Delilah got up, “So—you don’t know how we got these cuts, huh?” I immediately announced to her, “I’m sorry, I don’t, all I knew was that Sara and Kelly had them too” she said back.

I felt darker inside, something I hadn’t felt in months, as if something from the darkness had renewed me…”the black things” I said to myself. Even though it was probably bad, I felt good, I felt darker. Delilah stood up, wiped her back, and sat next to me. Katrina and Kelly woke up too, Sara Lee was still down. It was weird, my iPod didn’t work, it had static, so did my phone. “Hey, weird shit is happening with my stuff, what’s going on?” I asked all of them. I looked at my iPod, and then towards Sara, she was standing, bleeding from her mouth and eyes, she seemed dead. I yelled and fell back, and on top of me, there she was, “Stop her” she stuttered.

I woke up, gasping, same place; same things happening to my iPod and phone, like in my dream, but this time the girls were all awake, eating breakfast on the log. I got up, tired, and before I reached them, I saw a tombstone, with the name “David Londayne, a son, friend, and boyfriend”, it was my best friend, and I got on my knees and began to cry.

“The pain stained within my heart, caused a reeled effect of cob wedded drapery, the graveyard flawless of its fatal beauty, drew me mourning, enrobes in downfall of mine tears, enshadowed a privy sin, her visage compelled me, and her fleeting like a Goddess of the graveyards, touched my soul, encaging me in the blackest velvet.”

Chapter 11: A Nocturnal Pulse Within My Veins


That very day, was where I last saw him…This is going to be so cool… I almost had forgotten his name, No… where he stabbed his wrists, that very day, along with his death, I died too, no more was I the same, no more would I feel compassion for people. I stood up with anger, and took out a knife I had stored in my pocket for the longest of time, I turned around and looked at the four girls, and they smiled, while I cried. I looked at the tombstone beside his, and laid his lover, someone I had known, someone who should’ve been mine. Melissa Newman, Daughter, Mother, and a friend. There in that foggy white day, I left behind Damien, and became David. I looked at the ground with inner rage; I was willing to kill those four girls, I could do it. I grasped my knife hard from the edge, and felt my hand bleeding, each drop of blood that fell of my hand, would replenish the drops David had dropped, it would replace it.

I noticed my arm paling, along with my face; I looked up, with tears. “Something’s wrong with him, I’m a go check it out, be right back.” I heard Delilah from close by. “STAY BACK!” I yelled, while looking at the ground. I turned around, she noticed my hand bleeding, “Your eyes! Oh My God! They-they-they’re blah-black” she stuttered, “Leave me be, Mortal!” I heard myself say, in a different voice. I began to walk, I had no control over it, it was as if my body had taken control over itself. “Thy blood is pure” I heard a voice say, it was me, but not me saying it. I remembered everything, “Thus, over mine lips, chimes thy pure blood” the words I had remembered. Thou shalt serve me! “Stay Back! Stop!” I heard Delilah yell. I saw what I had done, I stabbed her heart, and twisted the knife, and I couldn’t control anything.

I took out the knife from her impaled chest, and walked towards Sara Lee, who laid in shock, “Thine hast served mine wish well, I shant repay thee with death, but with life” I heard the voice say, I saw my hands with the knife, stabbed her throat. “Yeil, to me, fragrant follower!” again the voice said, Sara fell to her knees, bleeding from her mouth, I tried to stop, but something had control over me. I remembered my blood dripped on Melissa’s burial spot, I gasped, I saw that her grave was empty. “Followers, of mine mother, kneel before me!” I heard the voice say, this time I recognized a female, cracked demonic voice, and I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe this was another bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. I saw my hands grab Katrina from her throat. In her eyes, I saw a reflection, that wasn’t my own, it was Melissa’s.

“She danced with an eclipse on her name, the moon swayed as her signal abroad devil’s count for blood, taunted and haunted with screams of her heir’s, her lesbian fantasies, redemption the gasping of stomping feet, thine slashed lips, between curls, unfurled evil eyes of black.”

Chapter 12: Revenge Of A Countess That Rests In Rebirth


“Hello, Damien! I’m Talking To You!” I opened my eyes, and sat up gasping. “It’s 10 in the night dude, c’mon! We’re going to the cemetery” I heard Delilah saying. I was so lost…DAMIEN! … I shook my head, could it really have been a dream, it was so real, I felt it all. “Dude, you’ve been sleeping for a long time” Katrina said to me, I was confused, last thing I remember…Melissa…

I looked at Delilah, “Hey, do you have a sister called Melissa?” I asked. She looked shocked, “y-yeah she um, passed away, a few days ago” Delilah said in a sad voice…


I kept hearing my name, from a voice I recognized, but I couldn’t identify it. “I, um, can’t go, sorry Delilah”, I said then realized, Delilah looked exactly like Melissa, “um, was she your, um, twin?” I asked nervously, “yeah, how’d you know?” she asked, and I shrugged. “And by the way, you’re coming, you have no choice” she said back. 


I kept hearing my name with a voice I had heard before, it was, my mom? As soon I thought that, the ground started shaking, the walls were cracking and the roof as well, Delilah looked at me with confusion, I got out of the house, I saw the house from the outside, and noticed all the other houses having the same effect.


I pressed my eyes hard, and saw the sky ripping, I was afraid to know what was happening. I walked backwards, and fell on my back; the road was falling into a hole of nothingness. Everyone looked as if nothing was happening, I started to panic. Delilah came out of the collapsing house, “You Shant Leave!” she took out a knife, I gasped and started running, but as soon as I did, the road had collapsed. I saw into the hope, it was black and dark

“There’s nowhere to go!” Delilah yelled, I sharply looked at her, Katrina came out also with a knife, along with Jan, Dylan, Jake, Sara Lee, everyone. “What do you want from me?!” I yelled at them.


It was my mom’s voice, was it another dream? Jan and grabbed both of my arms, and Delilah walked in front of me. “It’s over Goth!” she said with a darkly rage in her, she took out the knife, and stabbed my heart, “Bye, Goth!” she twisted the knife.

Lured into an unwoken dream, laid my soul and sorrow, as I opened my eyes from deep slumber, reality came back to me, knowing that all I had dreamt was lost.”

Chapter 13: Awakened


“AHH!” I yelled, I was in my room, “m-mom?” I asked, while panting, I could hardly breathe. “Damien, two kids were in an accident at your school, they say it was suicide” my mom informed me, in one second, I was forgetting what I had dreamt, it was too real to be a dream, “um, w-who was it” I asked anxiously. “I don’t know, they didn’t reveal any name, it was on the news, I tried to wake you up, you were in a deep sleep, I guess” I pressed my eyes, holy fuck; it was a dream, “have I been sleeping all day?” I asked. She nodded a yes, “You didn’t go to school today, I thought you were sick or something, you wouldn’t wake up” she explained. “Now, got to sleep, you HAVE to go to school tomorrow” she said to me, I heard the ambulance outside pass by.

My mom left my room, and I tried to go back to sleep. I awoke from deep slumber that endured the dark night; I needed to get ready for school, all this rage in me would burn in soon enough. I wore my chain with a gothic medallion, my black-eyeliner thin, my black-nail polish, my black shirt with a red upside-down pentagram and my black jeans with chains and baby pins around it. I put on my black sweater, and black backpack, and brought my iPod. I walked outside, as I close the door, I felt as if I had lived this day before, the day was foggy, dark and very humid, and pretty much dead outside, I closed the door.

I began walking towards school, thinking of why I felt like I’ve been in this day before. I walked into school, and a splash of preps came unto me with every stare in the book, they moved to a nearest locker, I felt really weird. I know I’ve seen this before, I walked into class, “Excuse me ma’am, you’re wearing over-excessive jewelry.” said Mr.Dumbhulwier, I shook my head; I’ve heard that line before too, “Hello? Ma’am?” the teacher kept saying. “WILL YOU SHUT UP? IM A GUY!” I yelled, and shut the door behind me hard. I knew something really weird was happening, I knew Mr. Dumbhulwier had called the office.

I started walking slowly towards the office, looking at the ground, thinking and wondering of what it was that made me fell this weird. I was close to the office, I walked even slower, to steal time, I knew I would get in trouble for yelling at a teacher, but I’m a guy, give me  at least some respect. As I started walking to the office, I saw… Delilah…immediately I remembered everything; I ran into the office and told the secretary woman that Mr. Dumbhulwier had sent me. I sat next to Delilah, “Hey, I’m Delilah” she said. I looked at the ground, ignoring her. “Mr. Thorne! In My Office! Now!” the principle yelled. I walked in slowly, and sat down.

“Okay, I know I yelled at Mr. Dumbhulwier, and I’m sorry” I tried apologizing, he shook his head, “Look, I know it’s been hard for you, since your loss” he tried making me feel better, “what-wait, what do you mean, my loss?” I asked anxiously. “Well, Ms. Newman, and Mr. Londayne, of course” he replied. “What? What loss, I saw them two days ago” I said back. “I’m sorry, they died, yesterday, they, um, killed themselves” he said, I laid back in the chair in tears, and remembered the tombstones with their names. “The girl outside is Ms. Newman’s sister” he said. “I know, twin, right?” I asked. He nodded, I walked out in pain, and saw Delilah, and she smirked with an evil look.

I saw the cuts on her arms, and gasped. “You just don’t get it, do you?” she stood up, I saw the clock above the table where the secretary sat, slowly stopped, “Get what?” I asked. “It’s all in your mind!” she yelled.

I woke up slowly, hoping it was real this time, I heard beeping, “Hey, David” my mom said softly. I saw Melissa next to me, with Katrina, Dylan, Jake, and Jan. I got up, “Shh, shh, stop, you were in a coma, you have to rest” my mom said. “How’d I get here?” I asked slowly, “Well, long story short, my sister tried to kill you, and bury you alive,  but then she killed herself” Melissa said softly, I missed her voice. I fainted.

A few days later, I went back to the cemetery with Melissa. In my dream where it said Melissa Newman and David Londayne, it said, Delilah Newman and Damien Thorne. We started walked towards the gate, I had finally awakened from that dreadful nightmare, as we closed the gated door, I said my last goodbyes, we walked towards my mom’s car. We drove off to my new apartment with Melissa, but as we drove off…”STOP! Wait, I left my backpack there, wait for me” I yelled.

“Wait, but your backpack’s… right…here…”Melissa said as I left. I ran back into the cemetery, and saw my backpack, it was lying on Delilah’s grave, and I picked it up, with a smile. I started to walk off slowly, and something grabbed me, it was Delilah’s hand on my foot, from her grave.


“I crawled upon thine earth, 

Mine heart changed,

So did mine life, 

Within my hate, 

Within my rage,

I took me away from myself,

Now I lay dying alone,

In a cruel world,

Of bitter loneliness.”

To Be Continued…