My Appreciation To The TERA Community

So, a few days ago I released a video on YouTube, with the title “TERA ONLINE | Console Open Beta 2?! New Events & First Impressions!“. Wow, little did I know how many people would be watching it, let alone enjoying the production of the video itself! Even the nice people at En Masse retweeted the video on Twitter, and shared it around their offices. I was left with my mouth open, just completely baffled. Up until now, I had not really experienced any commentary on my videos, because quite frankly I found them to be bland or boring, and thought I just wasn’t entertaining enough for others. My video production and direction with how I was going with the content creation was very different, and if I’m honest with myself, lazy. It really wasn’t until this year that I decided to put my 100% on everything I do.

If you’re wondering what video I’m talking about, and you’re just like, “Wait, the fuck is this guy talking about?”, then well here you go.

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, En Masse, the TERA community and the awesome people that have been sharing this around – thank you. Truly. Sure, to many people “Over 1,000 views” is nothing, but as someone who has worked with so many content creators, growing their channels, and never really doing it myself because I felt that I didn’t have the “chops” as they say, it means a lot. The irony is, in my past videos (last year), I was lazy and really didn’t put any effort or acted like “ME”. I was just trying to be funny, by trying too hard and ultimately, just ruining the whole thing. Plus, I had a crappy mic before, so there’s that. But, as I said, I know it may not mean anything to some of you, but thank you for giving me that confidence boost, and allowing me to feel like I can actually do this. So, expect some videos, sassy and witty remarks, and just your dose of satire with information. I’m really excited to start working on more videos, and I already am working on some games I am reviewing to make sure they are up to par.

Here are some of the amazing comments that I received from this video: