Call of Duty: Warzone Revitalizes The Battle Royale Genre

I finally had the chance to try out the Call Of Duty Free-To-Play Battle Royale standalone game that’s finally come out, and as you may or may not know, before the update ever came out, it was leaked everywhere. Back when it wasn’t released, Activision would take down any video or livestream that mentioned this leak and showed images of it. But anyways, that’s in the past and the update is free to everyone.

Now, I’ve been playing Call of Duty since I could remember, I believe the very first Call of Duty title I ever played was World At War – which remains to be one of my favorite games of all time. Probably because it introduced me into Zombies, and well, I fell in love with it even more due to the music that Elena Siegman and Kevin Sherwood produced for the whole mode. As for the Battle Royale genre, I’ve tried them all… well, almost. It’s such a popular mode of gameplay, that even MMORPGs are starting to implement this into their games as a mode, such as Blade & Soul, Black Desert and Moonlight Blade. Regardless, I’m not new to this genre and to me it’s always felt like it’s the same thing time and time again. There’s a gas, a fire, a laser field – anything potentially lethal – and it’s closing in on the map. Where inside the circle it’s safe, and outside of it, it’s hasta la vista.

Going into Modern Warfare’s Warzone, I figured I would see the same old, same old. I was pleasantly surprised however when they introduced new things that would shake up the genre. From being able to bring back your teammates to life buy purchasing their Redeployment via a Market location, or even having the extra chance at life by fighting for your life in the Gulag Prison when you die the first time around. These two mechanics already brought a smile to my face. And even though every single Battle Royale game has some type of Drop system where it holds rare weapons, gear, etc. Warzone does it a little different. Scattered around the world are Markets, Cache Boxes and even Contracts. By doing these Contracts, you earn more money and the more you do, the more your cut of the payout will be. The Cache boxes contain Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary weapons which you can see them in action already in the Modern Warfare game as “Blueprints”. There are also special items you can purchase, for example being able to bring your Loadouts from the game into your match, and even use Killstreaks.

But moving on from Battle Royale, what I’m really excited about is Plunder. This mode feels like it is what was needed to revitalize the Call of Duty series. Everyone has played and overplayed the Battle Royale genre, and I for one am so happy that Activision brought in Plunder as an alternative. Combining elements of Heists in Grand Theft Auto, strategy exists from the Division or even Rainbow Six Siege, and the classic gun fight of Call of Duty with a dash of Battlefield-esque chaos around the maps with air and ground vehicles that can be destructive – Plunder challenges you to be the player or team that brings in the most money. Instead of fighting for, well fighting, you’re fighting to bring home the most money. Have more money than anyone else? Get ready to be hunted by the entire map of over 100 players ready to kill you for that money. But you can secure this money through helicopter pickups and cash deposit balloons. However, will you get there in time, or will a player/team be waiting for you to do so, so they can take your hard earned cash?

I could go on and on, but honestly I think Call of Duty hit the right note here with Plunder. I can say without any hesitation that I prefer it 100% over the Battle Royale mode also available. But hey, don’t take my word for it. You can get Call of Duty: Warzone free of charge, with no need to buy anything at all, and no pay to win advantages in the game at all right now on PC, XB1 and PS4. I have to give it to the team at Infinity Ward, you had me troubled with some of your past decisions after Modern Warfare 3, hell even Ghosts – but you’ve won me back as a fan. Kudos!