Vampire Co-op FPS, ‘EvilVEvil’, Shows Off Its Fangs In New Gameplay Video

Toadman Interactive, the team behind the critically acclaimed Project I.G.I, and the highly anticipated sequel, have been working on an upcoming vampire co-op shooter title, EvilvEvil. The game was first teased in January, with a vague, but edgy video that showed off some of the characters, or classes, that the game offers. However, it was only just a few days ago that the team showed off a Developer Diary that showed actual in-game footage for players to see what the game would look like. 


The game features a borderlands-esque vibe, with well – vampires. In the game, you choose which class / character you’d like to play as: the Arcanist, Assassin, and Berserker class. The Game’s Director, Martin Annander, has stated that he doesn’t want to reveal much about the stories of the classes in the game, as it will be “fueled by community-driven storytelling and weekly releases.” According to the studio, the actions that player take in-game and the choices that they decide to go with will affect the release of future updates – essentially paving the way for your vampire.



We had the chance to reach out to the team behind the title, and spoke with the Creative Director behind the game, Colin Cragg. When asked about the availability of the game on other platforms, as this was not really known in their initial press releases, the director stated:


We have intentions to release EvilvEvil on PC/Consoles.  The specifics of how that is going to work at the moment have not been nailed down, so I can’t really offer any specifics right now. Unfortunately I also can’t specify a date outside of what has been released to shareholders of “2020”.  


As for the game itself, with cross-play becoming more and more prevalent these days in online games, we had to take the chance to ask the Creative Director whether or not this was in the plans. 

Crossplay would be interesting and I can’t see any real reason to not have it…but at the same time as this is an episodic game it might cause some challenges…so we’ll have to get back to you closer to release.


Though that’s not necessarily a yes or no, at least we have some hope for the future. The game is very different after all, and could be the unique niche that really starts a new trend in the gaming industry – especially when it comes to shooter titles. Maybe even one that doesn’t suck. I’ll keep you guys up to date with this upcoming shooter!


For more information on EvilvEvil:

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