TERA Console’s En Masse Elite Status Details

No doubt players already know that En Masse Entertainment is now officially shut down, and the one brewing question that has been going through everyone’s head is, “What will happen to my Elite Status when we transition over?”, well this is a surprise that’s been held close to the chest, but luckily after the Bluehole Studio team reached out, we’ve been allowed to announce. We’ve already showed exactly how the new tiered Elite Status will work, however what players do not know is that new benefits will be coming to the Elite Status system that is soon to come to North America, Europe and Japan.

Luckily players that have already subscribed to the En Masse Entertainment’s Elite Status system will be transferred to Elite Status Gold when the game officially transitions on October 15th. What this means is that all the new benefits of the highest tier of the Elite Status will be available to all players currently paying for the normal $14.99 Elite Status, and though players can’t purchase new EMP to get Elite Status, we figured it was the right time. What do you think about this? We saw a lot of players thinking they’d keep the normal Elite Status or get Silver, but maybe this will come as a nice surprise.