Swords of Legends Online Releases Free-To-Play Demo June 16th

The highly acclaimed Swords of Legends Online, a game which I’m covering actively on YouTube as well, has announced that they will be taking part of the Steam Next Fest, allowing for all players to download the game completely free of charge from June 16th until June 22nd, and play from level 1 to level 15. 

According to the official postings from the Gameforge team, the demo will allow you to test the game, for free, no need of a CBT key, and be able to play all classes until level 15. Personally, I find this to be hindering to most players as pretty much the majority of the content of the game unlocks at Student 1 (level 37, for those not familiar with the leveling system). None of the data from the demo will transfer to the live version when it releases later this Summer. 

For additional information on this demo, I’ve created a little video to explain a bit more. If you’re interested in the demo, simply head on over to Steam on the 16th of June, and download the Demo. I’ll hopefully be livestreaming the game this week, explaining how the game works, what to expect and more, on YouTube.